August 14th, 2011



Drove downtown to deposit my final TiVo check and get some cash for next week. Friday morning my agency called and said they needed my hours so they could get a direct deposit in by EOD, some law or other requires them to pay on the last day of work. After I did so, she emailed back that they would UPS express me a check. It's that kind of crap and miscommunication which Harvey Nash has made itself famous for with me, I will not be using them again in what is left of my career. If I do recommend a replacement for me at TiVo, I'll send her/him to the main agency the company works with.

Went to Clocktower, had a pina colada smoothie and a cinnamon bun, and did some online research on the parental tax issue. Keep forgetting it is too warm inside and too bright outside. *$s wins. Went home still feeling drained, took a nap and woke up questioning whether getting dressed and out to Ellie's lecture was a better idea than staying in bed. Ellie won.

Tried to punch the venue up in the GPS, it was not there. Google maps on my phone found the place, but it did not have the address. I followed the phone's directions - turns out to be very close to Netflix. Wonder why I remembered it as being more downtown SJ?

Found the room no problem, Ellie gave a fascinating talk on Adaptive Optics, "Un-twinkling the stars", which is the work she does at Lick Observatory. The physics is similar to active noise-canceling acoustics but it is applied to flexible mirrors instead of headphone diaphragms. She's a superb presenter, knows her stuff, and the talk flew by quickly. I chuckled at the first line of her last slide - it said the advantages of Adaptive Optics was clear. She said the pun was not intentional. Dr. Ellie is a gamer and sci-fi fan and will be at Worldcon, and she mentioned she was looking for new filkers to listen to, so over on FB I pointed her to Mary Crowell, Kathy Mar and lemmozine. She would probably also like Tricky Pixie and its individual members, but I suspect she already knows about them. Ditto Vixy & Tony. Both of us have about 4 items per time slot we want to attend. I won't know till I see the size of the rooms whether the con programming folks have scheduled way too many events or if the spaces are so small they had to do it that way. And when does anyone have time to see Reno?

Late dinner again. Flying fish roe does not go well with wheat thins. It needs something not-crunchy to sit on. Reheated Chinese BBQ pork was a sufficient main course. Fudgesicle for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Car wash
Coffee w/Janice
Weird Dream

Weird Dream Channel

I'm living in an apartment with roomate(s). One is a woman in her 20's, I don't recognize her from IRL, but I get a vague sense she is lironess. She has come out of a room which has a well-worn, hollow door with a faux wood veneer, cheap faux brass knob - well, not really a doorknob, I see as my view zooms in on it. It's smaller, one of those gadgets which you twist half-way to slide the lock into place. It's round, except for one side flattened (to make it easier to tell if the knob is in lock/unlock position). There's no true knob on this door.  The woman is ducking down as she leaves the room, all I see is a little of her face and the top of her head - she has a tight afro-like do.

Curious, I flip the knob to "open", and walk intro the room. It is dimly lit, and I feel a need to pee. Looking around I don't see a toilet but there's a bath tub, so I aim for that. And notice the tub is almost full of water (used water) and is in the process of draining - slowly, because it's an old apartment. The tub is a beige-mustard color. 

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So much time, so little accomplished

Finally got dressed at noon, after much time online. Updated my phone's data to include my travel info, did some apartment hunting (found two possibles), printed the Worldcon program grid using the printer's double-sided feature, only to find they put Sunday between Thursday and Friday. On purpose. They wanted to have Friday and Saturday on separate pages. Okay, it saves them an extra sheet, but it means I needed to waste paper by printing single-sided to put Sunday where it belongs.

Started writing my packing list.

The car badly needed a wash, thanks to bird foo from the last 3 places I'd parked and the inside of the windshield not coming clean with Windex. I ordered some glass wax, but it's coming from Vermont by pack mule, and won't see it until I am back from Reno. Got in the car, pulled out the dozen car wash coupons, and they were all expired. Back to the apartment, found a Safeway receipt with a current coupon. Car wash was way busy, 10-minute wait to drop off the car, but pretty quick turnaround after that.

Home, watched some of the Raiders game on the new TiVo, pleasant surprise that the image is more vivid than the old TiVo. Aspect ratio is better too. It did not help the Raiders' play at all, though. And how I hate watching football played on a field with a baseball diamond in it.

Coffee date with Janice at 4, went to Starbucks at 2:30 and used the extra time to organize the Hugo entries on the Kindle into their various groups, and transfer the program grid too. It's too small to read at 100%, I'll have to up the font size when the time comes. But am super-impressed with how good it looks.

Long chat with Janice about my blind date last week, and her not being at the SJ Jazz festival (which is like a Catholic missing Easter Sunday mass). She is off to SE Asia on a tour just as I'm coming back from Reno. I'm jealous, partly because I'd like to take the tour and partly because her DDG single RN next door neighbor is going with her.

Home, printed out my Amtrak bar codes for Tuesday's trip. Also includes a return trip a week from Monday, which I probably won't be on, but don't want to cancel until next Sunday, or if I get a solid confirmation before then of an 8/22 start date at Moto. If it slips to 8/29 I'll use that train ticket. As soon as I get to Reno, I'll cancel the SJC-RNO leg of my 8/19 Southwest Airlines ticket. Will keep the 8/21 RNO-SJC leg till the last minute.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the CPA, arrange to meet sometime during the day
Shop for train snacks
Visit two apartments (if time allows)
Early bedtime for 4:30 am wakeup