August 31st, 2011


The Plunge

Did not sleep very much last night, just didn't feel I needed to. Up at 5, never really got completely back to sleep. The lame heater was cranking full blast but only got the temp to 69°. One more thing I will be glad to see the last of. Another is the 12' high irregularly-shaped windows in the bedroom which prevents it from getting dark. Out of bed at 6:30 or so, did some stuff on the PC, thought I would be out the door at 8, but that's when the moving company called and it took a while to arrange for an in-home estimate. That'll be 8am  a week from today.

Did get to work before 9, Central Expressway is my friend. For another month.

I took on a couple of tests which were new territory for me. The other new guy had grabbed all the ones I wanted. Fun stuff, though, throwing errors into the audio/video streams and seeing how the box handles it.

At about noon I drove to the apartment near 101 & Lawrence, with a check for the credit app, and another for the security deposit. I was also supposed to include the pet deposit, but I thought that would be due on move-in, and the rep said that would be fine. More on that later. I had her take me to the two finalists, one was around the back and I thought it would be the better choice: away from the walkways, no gate in the patio fence, shorter drive to the underground parking. But the noise from the freeway was deafening, and while there was no gate, the patio fence is vertical wrought iron rails about 4" apart, either way I need to cat-proof the patio. And the view onto the parking lot is not appealing - plus the proximity to traffic is not good for the cats. From there we walked halfway through the complex to the other apartment, no noise at all, trees, lawn. Long drive around to get to parking, but I can handle that.

The credit check was a joke - I filled out a minimal info form, she punched it into the PC and it came back as accepted in about 20 seconds. Used to take days.

So I signed the checks, and thought there would be one paper to sign to hold the place for me, but 45 minutes and dozens of signatures on a series of documents (the longest is 32 pages) later, and I was done. Whew.

Part of the deal is they do everything online. My account was set up within an hour, when I got home I logged in, set up the payment info and paid the pet deposit. And also clicked on the options to suggest moving companies and maid service. I tried to set up the PG&E transfer, but they won't take anything less than a month away, and prefer a week in advance. Funny thing is that though every time I have gone there the Comcast truck was out front, and the rep said she would send me the Comcast tech's info, they only had AT&T and satellite advertised on the web site. I'll handle that through the web when the time comes.

Back to work, ran out of tests I could run (again) but read a section of the manual on how to insert ads into the programs, which I used to be an expert on, but using the older box. I need to hit up the Sr. techie tomorrow for a login into one of the ad servers. I'd forgotten about that part (ads are kept on a stand-alone server which connects to our box over high speed networking).

Went to Starbucks after work to read through the lease agreement, it didn't answer any questions because the parts I really needed to know about are specific to this site, and the agreement was written mostly by lawyers back east to be vague enough to cover all their sites nationwide. One addendum I liked is in February the place becomes smoke-free inside the apartments with limited smoking areas away from buildings and common areas. New CA law.

Home, re-did my bye-bye letter for the current apartment to include my new address and work info, did the above-mentioned apartment online stuff, dinner was a couple of roti and a handful of BBQ pork slices from Ranch99.

Plans for tomorrow:
Flip over the calendars and wonder what happened to Summer
Think about what won't be moving with me. Anyone want an exercise bike?