September 3rd, 2011


Photo Day

After the usual morning stuff (and some unusual morning stuff**), I waited in line for 20 minutes at the PO watching Stupid People Without A Clue™ not understand the English as a 12th Language agent trying to help them box packages which they should have done before they went to the PO. Or at least should have done at one of the convenient tables before they got into line. Mailed the legacy PC board to my brother-in-law in Israel, the agent was kind enough to honor my request to put pretty stamps on it instead of the soul-less industrial machine frank.

Back home to recycle breakfast. then the start of my day-long photo assignment. Drink Tank, the online fanzine which won this year's Hugo award, is trying to get 300 contributors for its 300th issue next month. I've contributed a few times in the past, mostly pictures, and decided what they needed was 300-themed photos to use as fillers. I was actually organized about this, had a list of 5 places, in a geographically intelligent order:

- 300 Bowling lanes, way the heck south San Jose
- San Jose State U Spartan Stadium (a reference to the movie 300, which was about Spartan warriors)
- 300 W El Camino Real in Mountain View, a car dealership which Google street view showed a clear "300" on their door
- 300 Castro in Mountain View,  a recently remodeled restaurant which is now on its 3rd or 4th owner. I couldn't tell if it had its address in a place I could photograph, but it is across the street from Booksellers, which sells next year' calendars for 40% off, and it's that time.
- 300 Middlefield in Menlo Park, MP's fire station and HQ, again Google street view showed the address on the front

Bowling center was perfect, their logo is just what I wanted.

Now it is lunch time, and there's a Denney's on the way to the next stop. The menu showed fish and chips as your standard lightly-breaded fish tubes and normal French fries, and it said there was also cole slaw. What showed up on my plate was a flat,  obtuse triangle of armor-plated weaponry which seemed to have something resembling fish inside, and undedone slices of potato cut unevenly, with ridges. The cole slaw was minimalist but not bad. And there was also a pair of soggy pieces of something which may have been garlic bread. I ditched most of that and ordered a sundae with "glazed pecans". The ice cream was mostly melted, no fault of the waitress - she was back with the order in about 90 seconds - and the pecans were not so much glazed as dipped in rock candy.

Spartan Stadium was a bonus, next door is the training center and there is a sculpture of a male and female pair of Spartan warriors with seriously aggressive facial expressions, somewhat zombified by not having been dusted for cobwebs in years. And there are two different Spartan-themed logos on the fence around the stadium. No events today, so I didn't have parking or other hassles.

Car dealership was closed, so its parking lot was chained off, I had to park down the block. Took a couple of shots, then realized my reflection was in the glass, so settled for a bit of an angle.

The restaurant's address is a very classy brass numerals on hardwood. An unexpected WIN. Went into the bookstore, and as I was finishing picking out calendars, I was found by one of my former Tivo co-workers. We schmoozed for about an hour, maybe more. I think she's SO-less, but am not sure because her ride to work acts like he owns her. Anyhow, nice to see her again. I'd just emailed her a day or 2 ago.

On my way to the freeway, there was a bonus 300, which I thought was a 318. There is a bar which used to be a major drug dealer hangout when I lived a few blocks away in the 90s. It has been abandoned for years, and when I passed by I saw the big 318 sign was next door, and the ex-bar is 300. I made a U-turn of sorts, parked a couple of blocks away and walked back to it. Very rustic sign with rusty mailbox.

Menlo Park was another win, but I ignored the GPS and turned off the main road at the first MPFD building I saw, which was 2 blocks shy of 300. Walking to the one I wanted, there was a ton of nearby parking. Oh well. Got a lot of different views, including one with both the 300 and the flags.

My favorite massage place is about a mile from there, so I did the impulse thing, but was assigned a new masseuse who was totally inept.

Now it's dinner time, and some daemon is telling me I want pizza, and I want it at Pizza My Heart next to the late-night Starbucks. Both are eye candy central on a Saturday night. And it was. But the pizza was awful, I threw the second one out 1/4-eaten after biting into food-like objects I could not identify. Sweet potato, maybe. No longer hungry and thinking I'd be better off processing the photos, I didn't go to Starbucks and came home. 

Since the camera was out, and the sun was still mostly up, I walked to the back of the complex and took a documentary-like series of photos of the massive PG&E project there. 10 feet from our apartments, not more than 50 feet from two others. Insane. Here's a sample Collapse )

Home, watched the Ducks for a while get run over by LSU, vacuumed downstairs. then came up here to process the photos.

Plans for tomorrow:
After noon, bring the baritone horns to Starving Musician. If they won't take them on consignment, they will go to Goodwill.
By then I may have a big bag 'o' stuff for them.

**Unusual morning stuff consisted of pulling everything off the top of my T-shirt rack and putting it on the bed to sort out later. Many shirts which I don't like, some towels, jeans shorts, plastic zipper cases from comforters and pillows, sweats which were in the 2nd bedroom closet until I needed the space for SE Asian textiles,  blank T-shirts for press-on projects, unwanted birthday presents, ugly swim trunks, etc. I suppose if I want to sleep on the bed tonight, that will be my next project.