September 23rd, 2011


Like person, like cat

The vet called, Pumpkin is diabetic. Plan A is to ditch the cats' two towers of dry food, and start feeding them canned food. Low carb, high protein, contains some water to help the dehydration. She said the diet should also work for Domino, but I may park some dry food near her cat tree hideout, the one Pumpkin can't climb up to.

She emailed a link to  a web site which had a spreadsheet with lots of canned foods and their carb/protein/fiber/calorie ratings. I needed to spend an hour massaging it, because it had been done piecemeal and was not set up for sorting. Now I have it sorted four different ways, and the bottom line is, if th data is correct, Sophisticat wins with several non-carb offerings. Trader Joe's and Walmart each have one item on the list which outdoes Sophisticat in protein:carbs ratio.

Work was a lot of document reading, and finally running one test. More tomorrow.

YOTB practice was painful - we ran through the whole concert, and way too many of the pieces are at the top of the baritone range. Ouch.

No plans for tomorrow except work, and maybe buy some cat food. Lots of plans for Saturday.
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Friday I'm In Love

Not really, but they were playing it in Safeway, made me LOL.

Busy day. Work involved testing new features of the old product. Lunchtime I went to Costco to see if they had cat food which would work for a diabetic cat. The pet stuff is waaaaaaay on the other side of the store from the doors, Probably about 2 city blocks of dodging and weaving and trying not to run over the far too many inconsiderate people who block the aisles because they have no concept of where they are. Ranty McRant rant.

When I got there all they had were two choices, variety packs from two brands, neither of which came close to what I needed. Walked the mile back to the car, stopped off at a burger pace for lunch since I was out of time. Would have eaten at Costco but all the seats were taken. And in the sun.

After work I went to my local PetSmart and picked up a bunch of qualified cans of cat food - would you believe the best diabetic food is made by their el cheapo house brand, Sophisticat? Surprised the heck out of me, but the deal with diabetes is all dry food is out, because they are heavy in carbs and diabetics have to drink a lot of water to digest them. The formula the vet gave was <7% carbs, and as much protein as possible. The labels on the cat food say nothing about carbs, but that was on the web site they pointed me at yesterday. And there's another way to tell - look at the ingredients. If there are any grain products, they are out. Sophisticat's non-diet canned foods all have just meat products and preservatives, and maybe coloring. Their diet line includes "brewer's rice". Go figure.

While I was out, I did the whole circuit:
- CVS for tooth stuff
- O'Reilly for windshield wipers
- Whole Wallet Foods for limes, peaches, clam chowder and what I though were pre-cooked clam strips and crab cakes which were going to be microwaved for dinner*
- Safeway for ice cream**

**About the ice cream. At about 3 am I woke up in insulin shock. I'd had a very light dinner after band rehearsals, but had shot up my usual pre-meal insulin and bedtime insulin, both of which were too much. Hgl reading at 3 am was 61, which I think is a new low for me. I went for the ice cream which is my usual recovery food (it has enough sugar to bring the levels up, and enough fat to ease in the sugar). It was almost gone. I needed to top it off with honey to get back to a normal reading. So I put ice cream on my shopping list.

*Both the clam strips and crab cakes required conventional cooking, and it's just too @#$%^&*( hot, so I put them in the freezer.

Had another light dinner, but this time took the appropriate smaller levels of insulin. Then it was cat freak-out time.

I took both food towers and poured all the dry food back into the 20-lb bag. I hope I can donate it somewhere. Put the towers aside, cleaned the floor where they had been, washed the bowls I'd bought, filled each one with different food (one 5.5 oz can each), and set one where the most used tower had been, which Pumpkin was conveniently located next to, and the other on the second landing of the 3-level cat tree and set Domino in front of it. Pumpkin can't reach that landing, and Domino routinely sleeps in the tube at the 3rd level. Domino can get to the food dish on the floor, but Pumpkin is a food bully, being twice Domino's size, so I don't see the little one eating from that bowl much.

One other surprise was that in reading the ingredients for the treats I give Pumpkin every night, those are super-high in protein and don't have a lot of carbs. Domino's treat is whipped cream, which Pumpkin won't touch. Very strange.

Busy day tomorrow:
Take suit pants in for alterations
Great Mall, Return jacket
Dispose of the aquariums
Plug new address into business card design
Sign up for an online class
And probably something else I forgot about.