October 16th, 2011


Busy Day, Zombie Day

At about 1 am I decided I needed to find the charger for the Kindle. OCD set in, I started emptying boxes onto my bed, going through the contents and looking for a micro USB connection at the end of a wire. After an hour I found one, but it wasn't the one I was looking for. Plugged it in and plugged in the Kindle anyway.

And I had to get up at 8 am.

Six hours' sleep is not too bad, I was awake for the vet appointment at 9:15, which took way too long because Pumpkin had some major ear wax which refused to come out, and both cats needed blood work. Which also raised the fee a whole bunch. Both cats have lost too much weight since putting them on the low-carb canned food, so the vet said to add 30% carbs.

Took the cats home, went for my manicure. It had been 3 weeks, so she removed most of the armor plating instead of doing a fill on all the nails. You can no longer tell how old I am by counting the rings on my thumb nails.

Next up I needed some lightly carbed cat food, and six large (19-20") lazy Susans. Went to Target, they had the right cat food, which is the same stuff I had been feeding them before the diabetes diagnosis. I figured they would eat some of that and some of the canned and we'd be okay. No lazy Susans, though. Also none at OSH or Ranch99 (but they *did* have longans on sale, so I bought 2#s). So, on to BB&B, which had 18"  lazy Susans.

Home, did some shuffling of stuff in the kitchen cabinets to put in the turntables, and that made for much better use of the deep spaces. Also watched some of the Stanford-Wazoo game which was pretty sloppy playing on both sides, and some horrible officiating. Hauled the last two kitchen boxes out of the closet and unpacked them, each time thinking "what could possibly be left to unpack?" The answer included most of the big stuff - mixing bowls, cauldron, woks, quart Mason jars, big mugs from Starbucks Chengdu & Seattle and Scharffen-Berger,  and a couple of company branded beer mugs. And all the big kitchen utensils, which (amazing but true) the movers had wrapped together by which drawer they belonged in.

So now both the bathroom and kitchen are all unpacked. Some things are in places which will take some getting used to, though. Took out the dry food tower and put it at the cat feeding area, and both cats rushed over and started licking it before I even had a chance to fill it.

Online, set up rent autopay with the CU account. Transferred enough $$$ from BofA to the CU to cover that (not due till Nov. 1 but needed to have it early in case they put a hold on it).

That done, time to go to the Computer History Museum for the reception and panel talk on "Mr. Analog" Jim Williams, of whom I had never heard, but his amazingly messy work bench is now on display at the museum. He passed away this summer. The food was okay, the talk was very enjoyable. Williams apparently was all kinds of eccentric, quirky and fun to have around. Almost fell asleep a couple of times, despite the anything-but-boring content.

Back home, crashed for 2 hours. Took care of some paperwork, gave the cats their treats, which they hardly touched. I guess they filled up on dry food. I'm hoping moderation sets in. The alternative is canned food with higher carb content.

Plans for tomorrow:
Online class I need to take, hope I can finish it in a day.
Coffee with Janice, when she gets back from the Pumpkin Festival
Start the massive study room project:
- shift all the boxes which are up against the book cases and CD/video racks
- shove the book cases, file cabinet and CD/video racks where I want them
- Unload the contents of the boxes into the book cases, file cabinet and CD/video racks
- Organize the walk-in closet in the study (which includes putting the wheels back onto several plastic stacking shelves)

They Lied

The online course said it was 6 hours long. It would have been if they had left out the two useless, horrible quality movies. And out of the 6 hours, there was maybe 1.5 hours of actual content. Someone was paid to create a 6-hour course, rather than a course which covered all the required material. I'm glad I did not sign up for the instructor-led class, it would have been unbearable. And besides, I need more pee breaks than they would have offered.

Did not get anything done today, am still working on the class, as it drones through the third movie. Feh.