October 17th, 2011


Leave Late - Arrive early

One nice thing about the new apartment is even though I left late for work, I arrived early. 9 am meeting and all. What made me late was the adventure of hauling outside six dishpack boxes crammed with wrapping paper and three stacks of flattened boxes, which maintenance said they would collect. I called at about 10 am, they were all gone when I got home. That gave Domino her livingroom back. :-)

Lunch was at the Thai place near 24-hour fatness, and the pat see hiew was a little dry but tasty, had way too much broccoli, and plenty of chicken. And it was 2x the usual lunch portion. They were out of mango/sticky rice, the waitress jokingly offered me durian as a substitute. They did not have the air conditioning on, the overhead fans were not making much progress against the 80° afternoon heat. There was a time when 80 was chilly for me, but not anymore.

Work was productive, I verified a bunch of new features, and managed to crash the machine big-time as a side effect of doing the "check to see if there is a warning when the customer tries to set up >X channels on the box" test. It came while I was cleaning up the database after the test. Looking at the bug follow-up, it opened several cans of worms. Go me!

Home after work, had the choice between staging boxes in the study preparatory to shifting the book cases where I want them, and unpacking the books, OR pulling everything out of the big closet by the kitchen and making that as much as possible like the storage area in the old apartment's dining room + the storage closet in the old apartment's bedroom. I chose Plan B, and did manage to make a reasonable start before it was time to find the pedestrian exit and walk across the street to BASFA.

It took some wandering, but it wasn't too hard, especially since there were other people walking outside that way.

BASFA was not well attended, but it was fun all the same.

The walk home was shorter - now that I knew the maze. My apartment is 50 feet from Lawrence Expressway and about a block from Oakmead, but there is a building between the end of my looooong driveway and that intersection. It's faster going out my patio door, but I had not taken the anti-break-in latches off the bedroom-patio door before I left. Without the latch my door key will open that. Next time...

Plans for tomorrow:

Home - more shifting and unpacking