October 18th, 2011


Turn turn

Lots of spinning of wheels at work today, but in the end learned a big chunk of technical stuff which I had no idea our product could do. Or any product for that matter. It had to do with restricting IPTV programs from going through internet firewalls.

For lunch I went with our resident Palestinian to a place he said was Halal, but instead of it being Middle Eastern it was Tandoori food. The lamb was great, the tandoori chicken a little more blackened than usual but still okay. I have no idea why they saturated the salad with pepper, though. Also with us was my Vietnamese next door neighbor, whose wife & baby will be on my 2012 calendar.

Vet called, Pumpkin is seriously diabetic. Rather than try more diet or insulin, I went for Plan C, which was to have his bad tooth taken care of, and his blocked ear fixed at the same time. They tried to do the ear last visit, and got a chunk of wax out, but he was not sitting still for flushing out the main lump. So they'll do it while he's asleep. That will be a week from tomorrow, after I get back from the wedding. The theory is his tooth and his ear are making him too miserable to eat much. Both have to be taken care of sometime, may as well be now. The vet would have preferred for Pumpkin's diabetes to be more controlled, but I doubt that will happen any time soon.

Petco after work to stock up on litter, dental treats and higher carb canned food. Also went online and put in a subscription for litter cartridges every 2 weeks. $23 each in the store, $16 each online.

Home, shifted the plastic tubs from the study to the big closet by the kitchen where they belong. Also put in all my instruments, suitcases, and boxes of photos which will eventually be unloaded onto the rack which is in there. And the Apple 3G belongs in there too, soon.

Those out of the way, shifted enough boxes and a CD rack and hauled the empty file cabinet over to where I want it, and unpacked all the files from their boxes. All but one, actually, the first one I boxed up seems to be missing. It is probably in another box somewhere. Nothing huge, except it has all my postage stamps and some other postage related items. 

During dinner, I watched two episodes of Rocket City Rednecks which alleges to be about a Huntsville, Alabama  gang which includes at least two rocket scientists, their dad, who had something to do with the space program way back when, and at least two trailer trash non-scientists friends and/or relatives. It's like a space-themed Red Green, except they have not discovered the importance of duct tape. The stupidity leaks out of every pore of this show, and I think I'm done after two episodes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Unpacking will move the book shelves and CD racks where they belong, and unpack as much of those as possible.
I don't think I will get much unpacking done Thursday, because I need to pack for my Baltimore trip, which is Friday morning. There are way too many things on in my mind for my nephew's wedding to feel real.