November 1st, 2011


Monday Monday

Forgot it was Halloween, went to work in civvies. Blame goes to 9 am meeting, which meant rushing to get to work.

Lunchtime found a place not far from work to have my nails done. They said the usual acrylic person was out, but the substitute did fine. Next door was a new Eggroll Warehouse, I got a combo to go.

Home after work, both cats wanted to be on my lap, and somehow managed to share. Watched a little football, did some unpacking - got the t-shirts on the racks. Plenty of time before BASFA and all the boxes had been opened and most of them emptied, and I was still missing one little file box, so I decided to look in the storage room. Conveniently located next to my apartment. It was a mess, the movers had just chucked things in at random. So I pulled everything out, got the ladder in there to rotate the bicycle hook to where it needed to be, hung up the bike, and in a stroke of inspiration I expanded the six or seven racks into a stack of shelves, and neatly put all my camping gear on the shelves, and found places for everything else in a way most stuff could be gotten to easily enough.

Then off to BASFA on foot. It's a 5-minute walk. Lots of noisy trick-or-treaters and moms in the complex.

The meeting was sparsely attended, I was very disappointed at how little the calendars went for, I should have stopped the second one and waited for next week.

melchar had the best line of the night, which was adopted unanimously as rumor of the week:
Trick or Treat. There is no "try".

Went out into the parking lot looking for my car, and remembered I had walked. Took a detour to the CU to get some cash, then home. Pumpkin is being a lap cat, but I am concerned because he is weak and is having trouble balancing. He is not used to being so small.

The IR on the kitchencam is not working. They have a new model out for about 1/3 less than what I paid for that one, so I ordered two. Want one in the study, I think.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe Starbucks.

Tom Laundry

Routine day at work, mostly, got to play with hardware a little.

Lunchtime I went to Costco to see about getting my old number on my new phone, but there was only one worker in the kiosk, and he was single-tasking a customer who was still comparing phones, and would not be done for an hour. So I drove to the Verizon store about a mile away, and though they had 7 people working there, two were just there to take names and look pretty. About 15 minutes later someone came up to help me, but he couldn't. He said that since I'd bought the new phone at Costco, he could not switch my old number to it. Completely silly, because the math goes like this:
Terminate old phone contract $310. New phone at Costco cost $250 = $560
What he wanted was for me to return the new phone to Costco, and buy it from him at full price. $560.
The money goes to Verizon either way.

So I'll return the new phone tomorrow. I may or may not get the new phone from V. Three days after I got the new phone, Verizon updated the software in the old one,  maybe it fixed the reception issue.

Ended the day running one of those tests which takes hours to set up, and a minute to test. To make life more interesting,  the way the test was written it could not be done. The engineer said skipping that part would still give us a valid test.

Straight home after work, fish sticks & veggies for dinner. Pumpkin tried to grab some from my plate. I gave him a little piece of fish, but he couldn't eat it. He jumped off my lap, jumped up onto the cat tree, and got up on his hind legs and started to snag the dry food bowl which I'd put up there for Domino. Had to put that on top of the piano and gather up the spilled kibble before he tried to chomp it. Hopefully this part of the ordeal will be over tomorrow, and he can have food he likes.

Started doing laundry, then back to the livingroom and surfed to the NFL channel, just in time for a promo about a documentary on Tom Landry.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pumpkin the the vet at 8
Home, drop off Pumpkin
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