November 10th, 2011

Satan Claus

Undo Process

Two issues are sharing the front pages at the moment, both of them examples of the media feeding the public's lust for punishing the accused before they have all the facts, way before anyone has been proved guilty of anything.

Herman Cain is being bombarded with accusations of sexual harassment, none of which (IMHO) have the ring of truth, and two of the "victims" having taken a cash settlement from his employer (not from him, not from his lawyers, not as a court settlement).

Joe Paterno and his boss were fired for something they allegedly failed to do about 10 years ago. The accusations that someone on his staff did some horrible things does sound plausible to me, but again, we don't have anything even approaching the full story, and neither did the board of directors which fired them. And none of the board members who were on the board at the time of the alleged nastiness have stepped down or been removed, which strikes me as hypocritical.

They may all be guilty. They may not. We have a justice system in place which assumes they are not guilty until proven otherwise. . 'nuff said.
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