December 23rd, 2011

Dr. Howeird

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise?

I went to bed way early (thought I was coming down with something) and was up at about 4:30.  Decided to research the CPAP machine they gave me. Looking at the label, it is actually a BiPAP, one of the models which is supposed to allow setting a lower pressure for exhaling than inhaling. The wizards at Kaiser have disabled this feature in the device. Found the manual online, and there is also a "ramp" feature which allows the patient to push a button to reduce the air flow, which will gradually ramp up. I think they have also disabled this, but need to check.

Checked. It's enabled, but the machine is programmed to start at their lowest suggested setting. Tried the mask while standing and watching the display, and it does increase pressure when inhaling and decrease when exhaling. I think it just needs a bigger exhale portal.

Maybe this is more of a training FAIL than a machine FAIL.

I think I'll sleep on it.
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Not a Total Loss

Went back to sleep at 7:30 or so, slept till 10:30. Had a very weird dream which I will post later.

Up and out of the house and at the nail parlor by 11:30, waited about 10 minutes for my favorite manicurist to finish giving a guy a hair cut-and-dye. It was very busy, and they were having their company potluck in the back, so I didn't have a haircut while I waited. 

Carl's Jr for lunch, mostly because I used their restroom.

Drove to my old neighborhood from 2 moves ago, and pulled into the DIY car wash. The machine kept not taking my quarters, so I went to the machine for tokens, but it took a lot of tries to get $3 worth. It refused to take any of my $5 bills. Got the car rinsed and all soapy and foamed with the brush, when the alert for more coins started. It took another bunch of tokens & quarters, the alarm cleared and the "active" light stayed on, but the water didn't come on. I had to pull into two different bays to find a machine which worked so I could rinse the foam off.

Drove home, after watching an episode of Storage Wars I went into the smaller bathroom, laid out some towels, filled the tub about 1/4 full of warm water, collected Pumpkin, took off his collar and placed him into the tub. He yowled a lot, but did not try to claw his way out. I was able to shampoo him on top and sides, but didn't get his tummy too well - though there was enough shampoo in the water that he got clean enough there.

Splash-rinsed him off because I don't have a spray hose and forgot to grab a plastic bowl or anything. It took longer but I got most of the shampoo off him. Wrapped him a huge bath towel, and set him on the bed, but he wouldn't stay still to be dried off, and each time I put the towel on him he ran away. He finally sat on the carpet in front of the food dishes, between two towels I had put down and started grooming himself dry.

I pulled the portable radiant heater from the closet and tried to aim it at him, but he went across the livingroom to his spot by the patio door. Eventually he hopped up onto the sofa, so I sat down next to him, pointed the heater at us, and pet him while he groomed himself. That lasted about an hour, when he finally decided he needed to go into the closet and sulk.

But he's clean, and he is grooming himself again, so I'm happy. I won't be putting his collar back on. He's an indoor cat now, he's chipped, and one thing taking the collar off did was show me it had badly scraped under his chin. Should probably take off Domino's too.

Nothing else on the agenda for today. This morning I tried using Lightroom's watermark feature, and it is totally lame. When I installed Photoshop CS5, it did not import the watermark action from CS4 which took me an hour to build, but I hear there is a way to do that, just have to find the macro on the disc drive. Here's the deal: I want my watermark to be transparent. Lightroom took my transparent watermark and made the text part opaque. Photoshop lets me merge it into the photo so it is just a raised, clear copyright notice which does not get in the way of seeing the photo. So maybe tonight I'll figure out how to import that into CS5.

No plans for tomorrow.
Weird Dream

Weird Dream Channel

It's time to do something to clean up the stuff in the canopy tent in the back yard. It is attached to the house, and when I go out there, one of the cats is sitting there near the center, but he looks like a small golden lab. The place is a mess, all kinds of stuff strewn around. When I see the crinkled up blanket with the rodents sleeping in the creases, that's the last straw. They look like hamsters or guinea pigs, black and white and gold and white, but I know in the dream they are vermin.

The floor of the tent is covered by a plastic tarp, I grab the corners one at a time, bring them together, and tie them up and haul the whole thing out of the tent. Underneath I see the floor of the tent is actually my brown sateen bed sheet.

I am outside the tent, in another corner of the yard, looking for the trash so I can put the tarp et al into a trash bin. I see several trash containers stacked next to the house, and grumble that my Dad keeps stacking them, but you have to unstack them to put garbage in.