Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Hate that it happens all the time

On my way to work there were too many Geico and Solar panel commercials on the radio so I turned it off. Soon came up with a really funny parody song (unrelated to the ads). Turned the radio back on and forgot it. Same thing on the way home. Bummer.

Up a little later than my alarm, but stayed in the commuter lane past the merge, and got to work at 9.

One big change with the new building is people arrive early and stay late. Don't know why. It's only next door to where people showed up when they showed up and left on time.

The machine I was locked out of Friday I am still locked out of. Boss fumbled the ball on that one, but she followed it up with Bozo, and he reports that Netflix is working on it. Which is BS because Netflix could fix it in a heartbeat. Without a pacemaker. So Boss gave me an accessory to test with a box from Europe, word was the update for the box was posted yesterday. I downloaded it, but there were no instructions.

Lunch was chicken & bacon fried rice (Ajinomoto) from Ranch 99. Label said 3x the sodium I wanted, but it did not taste salty. Ngaw for dessert - and for an afternoon snack, and also a peach.

Found the original request to test, which the Europe liaison had obsoleted, and it had update instructions. Which did not work, the box didn't recognize the update file on the USB drive. It saw the drive and its folders, just not the update bits. Filed a bug, no response.

4:30, recruiter called, offering useless advice about the phone interview tomorrow. He sent email, with the linkedIn URL of the wrong person.  He also claimed the person calling was now a FTE at Oculus, but LinkedIn says he's a consultant from the recruiter's company. The guy spent 20 years at Microsoft, then left for a contract job. And then another one.

Twitch was no help relieving the boredom -  none of the storm chasers were streaming, not even the ones outside of the danger zone.

Played a lot of mahjong. It's not really mahjong, it's just match pairs of tiles. Tried sudoku, got stumped right away. I had a psych professor who set up his weekly tests that way. I dropped on the last week - other than his screwy test setup his class was excellent.

Home, traffic on the freeway looked insane, back roads were fine. Delivered but not opened yet was a new food tower, this one has a huge fill hole and runs on batteries - it can dispense on a schedule, which will help fat brat cat lose weight, I think. Last night he escaped again when I opened the carport door to take the garbage out, but he came running back in at midnight. I had looked out each door a few times, Spook also looked.

7:30-ish, back in the car and drove to Lucky's with a short shopping list. Chicken livers, shrimp egg rolls, high test chocolate bars, ice cream if it was on sale. Also got chocolate covered ice cream squares. I forget the brand name. Good for insulin overdoses.

Fried up the livers, drained them and bagged them. Two large containers of the soupy stuff are defrosting, I'll chop those together and hopefully make spreadable chopped liver out of it. May throw in a couple more HB eggs.

Oct. 13 there is a UW alumni thing in Los Gatos to watch the game. Then karaoke in Campbell. Got a text from ex-boss, asking if I still had his address - yes I do. Party Saturday.

Watched PTI and Match Game. The two games were obviously rigged to give the finalist the $25k prize. Way too long to put a non-intuitive answer on the board.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe something can be tested
Remember to pack lamyay for dessert
Chopped liver the sequel

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