January 2nd, 2012



Collapse )At about 6 am I thought about calling the advice nurse, but got up, had a shower, got dressed, then and sat in the recliner and watched an episode of Twilight Zone and two of Pawn Stars. Drank a lot of water, took my morning meds, at 8 or so called the advice nurse. I sounded like I had a bad cold, it was hard to talk. The nurse gave me the option of going int for an exam or having one done on the phone by a doctor. I took Door #2. She said I would get a call from a doctor between 8:45 and 9:15. Call came at about 8:55, the doctor asked the right q's, said he would prescribe antibiotics, codeine cough syrup (sugar free) and I should also pick up some Fenesin IR expectorant over the counter. The main pharmacy was open, it would be filled there.

It usually takes 15 minutes from the time the pharmacy gets the order until pickup, so I added some 1/1/2012 fudge factor and got there at 9:30. With my side sore and stiff it was not a fun ride. The prescription was not ready, the clerk filled out a rush order, and told me to sit & wait. 20 minutes later still nothing, I went up again and she checked - the delay was doctor needed to fax an authorization for the codeine, and they had just received that. Another 15 minutes and I signed for the codeine and paid for the drugs, and had to wait in line another 10 minutes for a consultation. Back in the car for the painful ride home (9 speed bumps in the apartment lot did not help).

Took the antibiotics & expectorant, made some soup, started falling asleep watching TV so I went to bed. Woke up in time for the Rose Bowl. Watched that, enjoyed both teams' "automatic door opener" defense. It was clear that the team who scored last would probably win with that score. Oregon won, thanks largely to superb clock management in the last 4 minutes, and a Stupid clock management mistake by Wisconsin in the final 2 seconds.

Next up was the Stanford-Oklahoma game which bored me, I only watched in snatches during the 1st quarter. Too much defense, not enough offense by either team.

Changed the litterboxes and vacuumed around them, that's how boring it was.

Just had a cup of bullion, nose is stuffed up, it still hurts to cough. Codeine is not helping.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sick day
Try to recover some