March 17th, 2012



Didn't get around to an entry yesterday due to Stuff™.
Work started out well, one of my team-mates loaned me two of his machines so I could run some of my tests which checked that the settings of a new feature were transferred to a backup machine and back again when the main machine went south. Backup has to be identically configured to the primary, and we have a shortage of machines and a glut of projects, so this was very nice of him.

1 pm meeting my boss invited me to - engineering design meeting for a feature in progress for which I will be writing the test cases, and possibly be running the tests, though I think we have two others on the team better trained to do that latter. It was a conference call with the developer on the pone and the rest of us in the room. There was an hour available for 4 hours' worth of content. They mostly discussed minute details from the point o view of design philosophy and I didn't really get anything out of it for QA work. But I had to be there to find out that I didn't have to be there.

This threw lunch into the 2:30-3:30 realm, I ate at a distant Togo's. The GPS does not know about the new, closer one and I forgot. I also forgot that there was a package at the apartment office to pick up, and they close early on Fridays. The new Togo's is two blocks from the apartment. :-(

Home after work, and tried to resurrect the corned beef from Fibber McGee's which had been soaking in jasmine tea. The tea had de-salted it to the point of edibility, but the meat had been baked, so all the fats and such, which boiling preserves and makes the meat not a building material, was gone. It was a disaster, still. But I did have some baked beans and home-made pickles and macaroni with string cheese and Parmesan on top.

Compensation time. I grabbed my wad of $1 bills and went to the Cheetah Club, which was almost empty, due to the heavy rain. I got there ion time to see Serenity pole dancing. She is about 5'11" in heels, has long silky black hair, and a lithe figure. And she is hella athletic, in a graceful way. She does this move where she holds the pole with her hands at 2 and 5, arms out straight so her body is arm's length from the pole, and she bicycles with her legs. Gotta have strong everything for that move. I got a chance to chat with her later, she seems to be pretty smart. Maybe I can get her to model for my photo group.She was the only one that night doing any major pole dancing. The place was packed in about an hour and a half. I finally left when a couple of stiffs sat next to me who had just come from smoking a pack of cigarettes. Eeeeeew.

Since I was halfway there, I went to Safeway, picked up some essentials. Bananas were still 59 cents a pound, but they looked edible this time. Celery and bleu cheese dressing, the limes looked good for a change, and I plopped several into a bag, not counting, even though they had lost the price tag. Looks like it was 7 for $3.50. Not too bad. Also bought a packaged corned beef slab, about 3 lbs. And assorted ice cream. And bread - whole grains & nuts, plus a sourdough baguette.

Got home about 1:30 am, read a couple of chapters of Starship & Haiku, with Domino on and off my lap. Bedtime was about 3.

Woke up at 9:55 am, plenty of time. All I had on the agenda was a photo shoot a mile down the road at 1 pm. Made eggs on sourdough for breakfast, while watching an episode of the Shark Tank. Walked to the apartment office, collected the package. It was an order from Ribbons Galore of a batch of con ribbons. Three different ones which share the same design but different colors & second line of text. They look great. I just need a con to go to now.

The shoot was okay, except for one asshat photog who thought it was all about him. The model is a super-petite hard body from Europe who was very pretty, but was having some trouble with her eyes, maybe the lights were too bright or she had decided not to wear her contacts - she rarely opened her eyes all the way. She also did not understand my directions very well. To make thing even more challenging, the battery in my light trigger was fading, and a lot of shots were lost because the flash did not fire. But I think I got some good ones, enough to make it worthwhile.

Went to Lowe's after the shoot, but they don't stock this battery. Neither does Fry's. Radio Shack did, so I bought two.

Gassed up the car on the way to Rad Shack - Costco looked like an hour's wait so I paid the 10 cents/gal more at Shell.

Home, put the corned beef in a pot, it is simmering - should be done in one more hour (2.5 hours was the estimate on the package). The photos are all on the PC and converted from raw to jpg. After I finish this I'll take a look at what I've got.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am photo shoot, different model, same location