March 18th, 2012



Woke up at 9:30. Made it to the 10 am photo shoot at 10:10. The photogs were all hanging out outside in the cold and wind. No model. Big WTF why they were all outside when it was nice and not-windy in the studio. We moved under the eaves when the downpour arrived. We called it a no-show at 10:30, I stayed in the parking lot to play with the GPS for another 15 minutes while they all packed up equipment (I had never taken mine out of the car).

Spent the rest of the day:
- Photoshopping and posting yesterday's shoot pix
- Sautéing half an onion + 3 cloves of garlic in olive oil and adding a handful of last night's corned beef for a yummy lunch. Home-made pickle was also yummy.
- Making snide comments on FB
- Playing Political Words With Friends on lemmozine's LJ
- Eating celery dipped in bleu cheese dressing
- Finished reading Somtow's Starship & Haiku (mostly with Domino on the arm of the chair) which was interesting, but not convincing at all. Not that it is meant to be.
- Listed three things on eBay
- Wrote this

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (9 am meeting for real this time)