April 24th, 2012


The Times, They Have a-changed

Phoned EVA's SF office, and a nice lady with a marked Chinese accent but excellent diction changed my return flight to the date I wanted. Some trade-offs, mostly good. The original return Bangkok-Taiwan leg did not offer the "elite class" which I had paid for, but the new flight does. The new flight leave late afternoon instead of mid-morning, which is nice. It gets into SFO at 8:30 pm which is later than I wanted, but workable. The change gives me another weekend in Thailand.


Nothing at work worth mentioning. Ping pong tournament is manic. Our token Russian Jew insists I should play, but he refuses to listen when i try to tell him my knees kill me when i try to play.

Some nice eye candy here at the mercado starbucks.
Tried to plan my train day trip, but I would need to take that Monday off to do what I really want to do - Santa Barbara. Same with Reno. This BS about only running one train a day is highly annoying. They have lots of buses, but who wants to ride in a bus for 6 hours?

Plans for tomorrow: