August 11th, 2012


Friday in brief - review to come ?

Friday started with loading the bike onto the car rack, and driving to work. Logistics: bike shop doesn't open till 10, I had till noon to cancel the apartment application, did not want the rack on the car any longer than necessary.

So, did some morning stuff at work, drove to the bike shop and dropped the bike off for a tune-up. Repair guy said it's in pretty good shape, $40 probably, $60 if it needs new inner tubes. Pick up after 5 Saturday, or Monday is fine too.

From there to Marina Cove Apts, which was pretty close. Told them the company may move, so cancel. No problem.

Got gas while I was near the cheapest Arco. $3.89/gal + 35 cent ATM fee (3.3 cents/gal, so still less than all the other places which were > $4.

Back to work, lots of housekeeping paperwork. Lunch was at the bad Chinese food place, dessert at nextdoor Starbucks.

Home, just long enough to say hi to Domino, Tivo the 49ers game, then off to Foothill College's production of How To Succeeded In Business Without Really Trying aka H2$. More on that later.

Stopped off at Safeway for some essentials. Ginger root, brown sugar, bananas, Klondike bars.

Home, watched the last half of the 9ers game, was singularly unimpressed with any of the three new QBs, saw a lot of good defense on both sides. Vikings QB was great, but he was getting no love from his front line. Mostly boring game.

Saturday so far

Busy busy day. Slept in, because I was up till almost 3 am. First stop, TechCU. The last check had cleared, direct deposit, all bills & such have been switched to Keypoint. Originally I was going to add $100 to my balance to stay above their minimum, but when I walked inside and saw they had completely changed the office to eliminate the tellers and give all the jobs the the folks behind the desks, my bullshit flag popped up, and I closed the account instead. My main reason was for the foo they pulled when I was trying to use their ATM card in Thailand. But another BS flag flew when I saw all the desks had a stack of "please vote to make us a bank" flyers. They did not directly inform the membership of this yet. Sneaky momsers.

One chore down.

Next, drove to the bike shop, put the rack on the car, pulled out the claim ticket and saw it said after 5 Saturday. I thought they said Friday. Took the rack off again & drove away.

To Pet Club in Mountain View. They used to sell the litterbox refills for less than online. Now the price is $2 more, so I only bought one. Will start ordering online again. Also picked up two cat toys for Domino to ignore.

Next door, bought pistachios. Also bought chocolate covered macadamias, one box for me one for the team meeting Monday. We usually bring something when we return for a big vacation, but I didn't find anything in Bangkok or Taipei which was any better, or reasonably priced.

It was 1:30, I hadn't eaten, so I went into Goldilocks, the Philippine café, but the line was a big clusterfork, so I stepped next door the the American grill and had an alleged Philly cheese steak.

Next was Highland Gardens apartments, about a mile away. A very long time ago I lived next door at Squoiawood. HG advertised newly remodeled units opening soon, I wanted to take a look. But it's just high-priced slum housing. The advertised patios were just a little half-fence in front of the front door. Not  a patio, but a really fine place to leave your shoes if your family does that. The office was closed (at 3:30? WTF?).
Enough already. Back to Sunnyvale, Archstone apartments, which was at the bottom of my list because it is too expensive. But the market for quality housing is insane, and it's still a lot less than  buying something. Unlike Marina Cove, these folks were happy to show me the grounds and an apartment. I loved the floor plan. Living room/dining room is all one room. None of this kitchen nook business, I can finally put the TV as far from the recliner/sofa as I want. Plenty of room for the piano. A real patio, though I will need to buy some boards to cat proof the bottom.  Also, only one speed bump. Parking right in front of the apartment, no steps to climb. Not a gated community, so fewer traffic jams. No view from the patio, but also far from screaming children. There are a couple of small things I didn't like but there always are. The storage room is on the patio, so stuff has to go through the livingroom to get in and out. Washer/dryer are in a nook attached to the kitchen. Laundry has to go through the kitchen - awkward. Utilities and electric are separate, that's another $60 or so per month.

They want the same cat rent and lower pet deposit as I have now. All I had to put down in advance was $240.

So now I'm free to go to Moro Bay next Saturday instead of apartment hunting.

Time to wrap this up and head for the Retro Dome.

Plans for tomorrow:

Photo shoot in the morning if anyone else signs up
Coffee with Janice
Scan some 1989 and 1975 slides for a Friends of Thailand article.
Study lines for Anything Goes