August 23rd, 2012


Why am i not asleep?

Computer is sucking the time right out of me.

Okay, so. Nutshell:
Major stuff at work, two bugs I submitted which had been puzzling engineering were both verified. One was a hardware timing issue, the other was something about the order in which I had done my tests as opposed to how Engineering had done their initial tests. Boss was very happy about that.

Lunch was at China Stix, beef chow fun was superb. As I was getting out of my car I noticed a sign for a nail parlor, and my nails were 4 days overdue to be re-armored. The shopping center is a ghost town, all the small businesses need more customers, so I went into the empty place and the nice lady did an excellent job, and we had a nice chat during.

Rehearsals - I made the mistake of asking the GPS to find me an alternate route without using 101, but it kept pointing me back to 101. We stumbled though Act II, which is much much shorter than Act I. I'm only in the first two numbers and the last one. Lots of waiting in between, but not as much as it could have been because the ingenue was absent. We still had lots of time, so the music director beat us up a lot. A nice guy, but he doesn't teach the parts. This show's chorus music is too non-standard for that to work, and we will not sound like the score when we're onstage. Tomorrow I'm excused so I can go to band rehearsal. 

Homebound, I played a hunch and took Oakland Road back. Friday I'll use that route. It's many miles longer, but 45mph most of the way, when 101 is crawling at 15-20. After Friday we're in the theater in Saratoga, so I'm screwed.

Plans for tomorrow:
YOTB rehearsal

Recruiter Foo

Recently my company announced 4,000 layoffs. Most of the company does cell phones, but I'm in the 5% or so which does high end industrial equipment for cable and satellite companies.

As expected, I started getting bombarded with email and phone calls from hungry recruiters who had cell phone jobs for me. So I went to my LinkedIn account (where most of these were coming from) and put up a note at the top of my profile, addressed to recruiters, saying I am not a cell phone guy, and linking to the product I work on, which is way too big to fit in a pocket.

The next day I get a LinkedIn message from a recruiter offering to hook me up with Netflix's cell phone group. I checked out his profile, and it said he was a recent Washington State U grad, and being a University of Washington alum I felt it was my duty to tweak him. I replied that I see Wazoo still does not teach reading comprehension, pointed him to my profile note, and told him to lose my contact info.

Almost immediately he replied with a mildly insulting note that someone with 40 years in the industry (I have 30 - another reading error) should know better than to be undiplomatic, ending with a rah-rah line for his alma mater.

I considered answering, but decided to just delete the message rather than have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. I suppose I could have forwarded the conversation to his boss, who knows me (I worked as a contractor at Netflix for a year), but why bother?