September 18th, 2012


Only Tuesday

Feels like it is much later in the week, but I'm glad it's not because I am way late packing up the apartment. Tonight I managed to stuff three big file boxes full and empty the file cabinet, also emptied the CD racks and the DVD/VHS racks. And filled two small boxes with books, which took care of the top of the book cases and the next shelf down in another. I did a quick check to confirm the slide binders will fit in the small boxes. I need to put the slides Costco scanned back in their binder (200 of them).

Took a break for a frozen dinner which had been in the freezer so long it was all frosted over. And hydration. Not as much of that as I figured I would need.

Fired up Amazon Prime to watch an episode from Star Trek season 1, but discovered I have seen all the episodes which are left. Also season 2 and 3, which is as far as they seem to go.

Someone came through as scheduled to do a pre-move estimate on what cleaning/repair needs to be done. Everything is at warehouse prices, way less than if I hired a service. Grand total is about $420. That includes lots of extra work on the place I spilled raspberry knock-off Crystal Light and tried to clean it up with bleach. I was afraid they would have to replace the carpet, but I guess not.

Work was boringly productive. I recorded a series of scrambled videos, 5 and 10 minutes each, and watched the first 4 5-minutes ones through our descrambler.

Work picnic tomorrow, I'll bring my camera and Tamron zoom which goes up to 270mm. The "social director" is trying to make the volleyball game into some super-competition, which is not my idea of a good time, so I'll just take pictures. The idea came from our DDG Russian systems tech. There are a lot of competitive athletes in the company, but I ain't one of them.

I also need to get my nails done. One of the armor plates is coming off, so I won't return to that place. They should hang on for 3 weeks.

The Endeavor shuttle is being piggybacked from FL to LA Friday, NASA Ames has a big event planned for that morning, which I have a parking pass for. I probably won't get there until most of the parking is gone...

Plans for tomorrow: