September 27th, 2012



Important stuff:
The move. I was able to pack about 3/4 of the apartment, what with the cold and the play sucking the life out of me. That left them the kitchen and the bathroom and the office equipment, all of which had been unplugged and all wires were boxed up by me. There also was a rack of postal stuff - envelopes, paper CD holders and mailers, small priority mail boxes (all flat, ready to be origamied), packing tape, etc. The original estimate was 8 hours, I figured 9 with the packing.

Four men, all speaking both Spanish and pretty good English, they worked quickly, communicated a lot with me, understood what stuff needed to stay behind, and I was impressed that they left the microwave until after their lunch break. :-)

They were done at the old place by about 2:00. They even helped me hang the closet doors back up that's I'd taken down when I moved in.

Strange but true they only had to move the van once at the old apartment, but several times at the new one. Apparently many of my new neighbors either are unemployed or work from home. The movers wrapped up at 4:30, so we're not talking people coming home from work.

There was some confusion at the new place because the storage room is 3x as big as the one at the old place, but did not have the two storage closets of the old one. The movers never really grasped the idea that stuff from  all three old locations went into the new one. Or that "Rack" marked on boxes I had packed meant the big black rack in the storage closet.

The new apartment closet racks are insanely stupid. I will need to do some remedial work there.

Most of Tuesday night was spent unpacking, after a nap. I went to the old apt with the picnic cooler and got about 80% of the stuff out of the freezer, and a couple of bags of things which got left behind - some intentional, some not, like all my old car keys.

First priority Tues night was wiring up the Tivos, DVDs, TVs  and computer/router/cable modem because Comcast was due between 8 and 10 the next morning.

Wednesday took a quick shower because it was already 7:45, and regretted not hanging the shower curtain (one of the things in the left-behind bag from the night before). The shower head is very powerful, and there is plenty of water pressure and hot water. One of the main reasons for the move.

Watched pre-recorded Tivo while I waited for Comcast, but there's a bug in their software that if you don't have a network connection, the software does a 60-second delay between each key press. It does not need to check anything online at that point, but it checks for a connection anyway. Watched most of the last 49ers game before the tech showed up just before 10.

He would not entertain the idea of running a connection to the office, so we set up the cable modem in the livingroom, and I later put a rack there and installed the router and network-attached drives. And went to Fry's and got a dual band wi-fi adapter for the main PC. That got installed after work. I need to get a switch - the wireless connection for the drives is way too slow. But at 200Mbps it is faster than the Comcast Internet connection, so that part works.

Longer story shorter, I'm doing an archeological unpacking, the movers made minimal notes on the boxes of what is in them, and I'm finding pieces which had been together at the old apartment in entirely different boxes at the new place. :-(

And I need to get the boxes and several tons of packing paper out of the apartment before I can move The Rack inside and put the old phonograph records and family photos on it.

Time to head for our special benefit perfromance. More later.