December 21st, 2012


Whose Lime Is It, Anyway?

The other day I was out of limes, and even though the ones at Lucky's were small, I bought 8. Today I was in SaveMart and theirs were just as small, and 1/3 more expensive. This is an issue for me because at home my favorite drink is a glass of seltzer with a couple of ice cubes and half a lime fresh-squeezed into it. With these small limes, it takes 2/3 of one or a whole one. I also have a bottle of commercial lime juice in the fridge, but it doesn't have the same bite.

Lots of talk at work about the acquisition, including a townhall meeting at 8 am PST held in the Pennsylvania HQ of the part of the company which was sold off. I watched the replay at about 9:30, and it was pretty good, for a change. The CEO of the company which is buying us was on conference call for about 10 minutes, he gave some useful details and said some very nice and encouraging things about us.

Spent most of the work day pounding on a complicated test script and missing the time when I mostly played with audio and video. I'll get to do more of that soon.

Lunch was with Automation Guy at Barn Thai. The waitresses recognized me and spoke Thai. :-)

Email said to come pick up the vocal score for Brigadoon between 6 and 8, I got there at 6:10 but no one was there. Traffic. Finally got it at 6:20 or so.

Petco, to buy more cat food, now that Domino has decided she likes the new guy's food better than her own, and hasn't barfed it up in a week. Bought a case of his "treat" canned food, which she likes far better than the whipped cream which she had been loving previously. Tonight she not only finished her canned food, she also finished what he left over. Totally cleaned both bowls.

I am still working on a new name. I thought maybe "copper" since he's kind of that color, but in Thai that's "red gold" "tong dang". That dang cat. No thanks. It's hard to pin down because he has multiple personalities. He can be very laid back, or hyper. He loves being held and petted and purrs up a storm, but a minute later he's hiding under the bar stools or the coffee table. Meanwhile Domino has started to adopt the cat bed I bought for him, which is fine because it's too small.

Tonight she has been snarling and spitting at him a lot. He wants to play, and can't figure out why she doesn't. Neither can I. She use to play with Pumpkin all the time. When she is rude to him, he just backs off and walks away, sometimes with a meow or three but usually not.

Neither of them seem to be interested in any of the new toys. I'll leave them on the livingroom floor and see if they move overnight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably will be sent home early for the 4-day weekend
Maybe I'll get the slides put away
Calendars for the apartment office staff