Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Up on time, out at 8:30, traffic was light after getting past Google, and despite a lot of confusing construction at Willow Rd., was at Facebook HQ and waiting in the lobby by 9. Long wait for 10 o'clock interview.

Interviewer was 5 minutes late, no big deal because there was a comfortable couch and a big screen showing FB small biz partnerships. The lobby art was oddball and scattered and hung at varying heights from a bar mounted way up on the wall. Thick wires didn't make for an attractive display.

J came for me, we walked out the back door into a huge plaza, across to a cafeteria and snagged a conference room.

He's a good listener, and his questions were on topic. None of the usual engineering student math tricks. I answered his questions, he answered mine. I was disappointed to hear that they test in an open plan office, there is no working from home even though the product is a wearable. The commute was easier than expected but mostly because I left home early.

Half an hour and we were done.

Back to Google, documented the overnight test, and had nothing work-ish to do for the rest of the day. Lunch was a grab and go peanut butter and orange marmalade sandwich. Nuked it for 30 seconds, which made it a mess. I don't know what they use for bread, but it appeared to be stale even after microwaving.

Grabbed a couple of pieces of chocolate for dessert. And a spinach salad for later.

5:30, took off for the local Starbucks and met Janice. She is doing better but not good. Trying to find a shrink at her provider is crazy.

Home, in the park slot was a letter telling us to ignore the previous letter and come in to sign a lease.

Nothing delivered.

Filled in my time sheet.

Emailed a copy of my driver's license to the mortgage person. She said paperwork should be in the mail next week.

Dinner was chopped liver & onions on  rye - just one - and popsicles for dessert. Smelled urine - Spook had anointed the doggie bed behind the recliner, big time. It's in the wash, and will be set aside. Roomba was tripped when Spot ran across it, and it swept all over the place till it ran out of juice under the piano bench.

Watched PTI and some of the Wazoo-USC game.

Set up the "disruptor" on the sofa. It's on the plastic, may not survive the first time a cat jumps up on there.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe hunt up a house gift
Try to remember to bring the camera
Long drive to Mountain House to ex-boss' party.
Should be fun. His Thai wife usually has a lot of her friends there making a huge spread of their native cuisine
And I get to chat in Thai
Long drive home

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