Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's a Gas

Was falling asleep at about half past midnight when I thought I smelled gas. Spot was lying on the bed next to me purring away, webcam showed Spook curled up on her favorite cat tree platform, so no canary affect. The smell got stronger over then next 5 minutes so I got up, told Google Home to turn on the kitchen lights, and walked there. Checked all the gas knobs on the stove, and sure enough one of the burner dials was open about 1/4 of the way, the burner was not lit.

Closed it, turned on the exhaust fan, went back to the bedroom and turned the ceiling fan on low. Went back to sleep, with a mild headache.

Still had the headache when I woke up around 8, but there was no more gas smell.

Did not have to be up for anything so I looked up a video on my tablet that had eye-wormed me, watched it, then got up and did my morning routine, plus turned off the exhaust fan.

Today's adventure was a painfully slow 2-hour drive to Mountain House, CA which is not on many maps because it's unincorporated Tracy, and it's a brand new development still seeing an obscene number of houses being built. My ex-boss moved there two weeks before we all got laid off, and now about 3 years later he is Mr. Network for either a nearby company or for the community. He gave up on the idea of a job back in Silicon Valley when the commuter train fell off the tracks. And started running over people.

It was his daughter's 12t birthday, he had been inviting his work team ever since she was 5, though he missed last year. Come to think of it, this was the first one since she was 8.

His wife is Thai, and it's always a fun time for me because there is a lot of Thai food, and lots of her friends gossiping in Thai. Most of them are married to Americans like my boss who don't speak Thai.

It turns out he only invited three of us this time, my friend AG had a wedding and another birthday party to go to, and the one Russian who did not get laid off didn't show up. I stayed for a couple of hours, and while the drive home wasn't as bad, it was still 2 hours. On my way out, we chatted a bit on the front porch, and he told me that the layoff was purely political, and the executive who orchestrated it ended up not getting the promotion he expected, and left the company.

Home, delivered were a pair of 2.0 reading glasses with my astigmatism correction. Last time I ordered a couple of pairs I got the strength wrong. Uncorrected, my eyesight is 20-20, so readers need to have the same power in both eyes, which for some reason they did not. Also delivered was a letter from the mortgage company with my new FICO score, which has gone down considerably because of all the times it has been accessed (for three attempted refinances and a credit card).

It's still Good Enough.

Left voicemail for recruiter saying I had no idea how the interview went. I did not say that I am not sure I would accept the position if it was offered. Which is true. It may be a frying pan/fire situation. And I have two more months.

In email was a newsletter from my contract company directed at their Google workers. This is the first contact they have had with me for months. It included email to let them know about contracts ending, so I sent a resume.

Also in the mail was a check for about $14 from a settlement from Google which came from a class action suit about us being required to sign something which invaded our privacy, or something like that.

Before I left for the party I set up the 5-port hub and connected the little VPN router from Europe which was not connecting at work. It didn't connect, so I put on my readers and discovered Boss had plugged the ethernet cable into the wrong port. Once that was fixed it connected immediately. Monday I will perform the magic trick for Boss and NP.

Watched the UW-AZ State game. Horrible run defense by UW, unimaginative offense, but they won by a touchdown, mostly thanks to better time management. AZ state's new head coach is a long time NFL coach and should have known better.

Also watched two episodes of My Cat From Hell and it gave me a couple of clues on how to defuse the Spot brattiness. I need to move the tall cat tree so it isn't a launching pad to the shorter one Spook camps out in/under.  It used to be in the guest room. Maybe I will move it back in there, but near the window, which means moving the futon.

Dinner was leftover ground beef & onions on whole wheat plus leftover lamb, with beef gravy. Dessert was grapes & strawberries & a nectarine.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch football
Maybe go to the park

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