Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Ho Hum, minus the ho

Read till about 2 am, I am finding it hard to put down Variable Star because the chapter breaks are few and far between and the section breaks within chapters are non-intuitive. Sometimes they simply continue the same thought, sometimes they are major breaks. It is very easy to see which parts are RAH and which are SR. Heinlein digs deep into the science, Robinson bullshits about the joys of meditation, and the difficulties of maintaining a relationship.

I told Google to set the alarm for 9 instead of the weekdays 7:30, but had a pit stop at 7:30 and was surprised to be woken up at 9.

I washed the sheets last night and for the first time in weeks the bed is made, which annoyed Spot. He also tries to fight with the quilt.

So one of the first jobs this morning was trimming his nails. He doesn't mind it at all, and it goes quickly. I don't try to trim Spook's, she hates it and there can be blood. Mine.

It was looking to be a boring afternoon, so I took my tablet to the local Specialty's, punched in and paid for an order and waited. Half an hour later when there were no more customers in line, it took me 5 minutes to get the attention of someone behind the counter. She said my order never went through, but she gave me what I told her I'd ordered. I also never got the email receipt, so their system messed up. But it annoys me that they don't have someone available to help customers.

Went next door to Grocery Outlet, looking to replace my destroyed omelet pan. They didn't have any the right size, but they had mangoes on sale, and chocolate mochi. And 72% chocolate.

Home, delivered was some of my amazon subscription, not due till the 25th.

Finally got tired of the cat hair coating the rug under the coffee table, so I moved the table and vacuumed under it and also moved the nearby TV stand and vacuumed under it. Moved all back into place.

Thought about the Jackson Galaxy ideas, and switched gears a little. Put a scratching post in the middle of the hallway to break up Spot's run to the living room --> piano room where he attacks Spook. It didn't make a difference. Moved the hanging plants above the kitchen windows to clear the right-hand panes, and moved the tall tree which had been in the guest room and then the piano room into that space. Both cats use it, but Spot was using it as a place from which to threaten Spook when she was on or under the short tree. Spook took ownership of it first, but gave it up. She's good about defending the heights, when she's up there.

Part of that process was vacuuming the floor, lots of fallen dead leaves.

Also moved a cat platform with a flat top and a tube middle from under the livingroom windows to in front of the TV stand. That's the TV stand which used to be in the bedroom but is just taking up space in the livingroom. Spook tried out the tube, but when I went to pet her she ran away, camped under the short tree.

Watched all the local teams lose. Or watched enough to know they would. Left MNF when it was still anyone's game.

Dinner was shrimp egg rolls & that orange sauce. Mochi for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Show Boss & NP the magic trick
Safeway - I need onions. Thought I had some which is why I didn't get any at GO

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