January 1st, 2013


Pretty Quiet

Woke up with Kaan curled up next to me, did not hang around in bed very long and was at work well before 9.  Took care of some tests, discovered an automation script was no longer working because engineering had added a warning message when the user attempts to turn off an internet connection. They have to click on a checkbox and hit the "apply" button, which ought to be enough babysitting, IMHO. Anyway, adapted the script and passed the test. Lunch was at Denny's, there is basically no difference between the Hobbit menu turkey dinner and the regular menu one, but I liked it. Some of the gang left at lunchtime, I finally left about 5 when I'd run out of tests I could do at my desk. used my phone's ebay app to buy a Samsung Galaxy S3 for cheap.

Went to Lucky's and bought pigs in blankets makings, and replenished my Kourabiethes supplies, or so I thought. Went to TJ's but they were not stocking their fondue mix and the place was overrun with screaming children and shouting parents wearing way too many layers. I bolted and drove home.

Played online, discovered that the ebay app hid the seller's description of the phone, which hints that it is not in working order, and the seller said this in words which showed she did not know much about replacing the screen on this phone. She said she replaced the screen, but not the digitizer, but some research says these items come fused together, they are one unit. More on this later, when it arrives. I may have got lucky, or I may have to see if it can be repaired or re-sold.

Home, watched LSU clobber Clemson, until the 4th quarter when LSU decided to shoot for the bowl record for stupid 15-yard penalties, and lost in the final second, which I think was the first time Clemson was ahead. ESPN's commentators were extremely rude and obnoxious, they talked all the time, they even talked over the ref's calls, guessing wrong at what his call would be. At some point I found out how many molars one of the tackles was missing, and how upset his grandma, who had raised him when his parents were jailed for looting their own home after Katrina, was about his dental bills.

Both teams are the Tigers, but Clemson's colors are red & white, while LSU's colors at least include yellow, which is sort of a tiger-like color. As for Clemson, what does it say about a football team which looks like each player has been stomped on the head by a giant tiger?

After the game I took a break and tried a trick. Instead of trying to feed Kaan his meds by hand, I squirted his dose on what is supposed to be his treat food, and brought it to him in be, where he was curled up. He ate about 2/3 of it, I think he got all the medicine, because in a few minutes he was in the livingroom curled up on the floor in front of the recliner, not being quite awake.

Somewhere in there I chopped 4 turkey franks into 4 sections each, and wrapped them in Pilsbury bread stick dough from on of those neato pop-out cannisters. 12 minutes later I had perfect pigs.

Read a chapter in The Bloggess' book, it was not one of her best. It is not really possible to make severe agoraphobia coupled with psychotic paranoia read like a comedy. Especially when she's mostly not taking the right dosage of her meds at the right times, and not carrying them with her when she needs to.

Back to the livingroom, reheated some pigs, refilled the egg nog glass, added more nutmeg, and settled in to watch Ryan Seacrest not be Guy Lombardo, let alone Dick Clark. I was thrilled that when the ball dropped they played Guy Lombardo's Auld Lang Syne, which is what I grew up with in NY.

I gave bits of franks to Domino, who snapped them out of my fingers, so I put down a whole pig in blanket for her. She worried at it a bit, but could not figure out how to separate the meat from the bread, and came back for more bits. Kaan wandered over there and played with it like it was a catnip toy. He got bored with that and went toplay with a pink woven pretzel toy, but he had shaken up the pig enough for Domino to get it out and eaten.

Somewhere in there I started thinking about making an edible batch of Korabiethes from the Olde Recipe and realized I had forgotten to buy more butter. I don't even have margarine in that quantity. Will remedy that tomorrow.

Set the Tivo to record the way too early Rose Parade.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try another TJ's for fondue, maybe
Watch the Rose Bowl
Enjoy the day off
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My Year At a Glance: 2013

Here are last night's most excellent pigs in blankets with turkey dogs and Pillsbury instant bread stick dough. Very simple, cut 4 turkey dogs into quarters, pop open the dough cannister (that's the fun part for me), unroll the dough, separate the strips, and wrap each piece of meat in half or a third of a dough strip. Bake on a non-stick cookie sheet 375° 12-15 minutes. One nice thing is they freeze well, and reheat in the microwave.

Serve with egg nog and nutmeg (to spice the egg nog to taste. Nutmeg is a mild hallucinogen).

No pigs were harmed in the making of this gourmet offering.

Half of them, with Grey Poupon, was lunch today.

At about 1 am, I took down all the 2012 calendars and put up my 2013 one in the kitchen (as usual), the Washington Redskins cheerleader calendar in the bedroom, the NY Jets cheerleaders in the office (replacing an outhouses calendar) and a Seattle Seagals one in the livingroom to replace the dinosaurs. This left me with cheerleader calendars for the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins, and didjiman's panoligraphy one to pound more nails for, but not at 1 am. I had not had a calendar up in the bedroom since October, because I was not attracted to Miss November or Miss December, so was a bit miffed when I saw the Redskins was a 16-month deal, starting in September with fold-out size portraits. More irony is I ordered that one first, it arrived last.

It was a fitfull night, woke up a lot, almost once an hour. Started with Domino at the foot of the bed, then she left and Kaan took that spot. No cats when I finally got out of bed around 10.

Watched some football, more teams giving away the game by committing stupid fouls and not showing up for each play. Lots of craptastic officiating. Lots of commentators spewing non-stop. Even more annoying is when they cut away from the game to highlight a player, the background "music" was rap or metal, mostly an annoying too-short loop.

At about 1:30 I drove to Mountain View to see if they had Trader Jaques' Fondue, with the thought that if they didn't the Milk Pail is right next door and I'd looked up the usual fondue cheeses and put them into Evernote. Milk Pail stocks pretty much every European and Latin American cheese.

TJ's was closed. That did not surprise me as much as the Milk Pail being open, hand having four kinds of Emmenthal, two kinds of Comté and two kinds of Gruyere. I forgot to put back three of the French Emmenthal when I snagged some Bavarian and Swiss, and spent about $47 on fondue cheeses. And then I saw this:

How could I not buy it?

Also bought some boudoir unsalted butter from Humbolt Dairy's organically grazed bovines. So, mission accomplished. Straight home.

The Rose Bowl is on in the livingroom, After Stanford blew the 2-TD lead, ADD set in and I played with Kaan, re-charged the seltzer siphon, checked FB and decided to scan some cheese and post My 2013 So Far.

At halftime I grabbed three brads and a hammer, and created two new spots in the bedroom, hung the Dallas and Miami calendars there, then went into the livingroom thinking of hanging the pano next to the Seagals. No, that just wasn't right, two very different artistic genres. So I took down the Seagals, hung the pano in its place, alone on the livingroom wall, and made a third space in the bedroom.

Tomorrow I'll bring a pano into work for one of my co-workers who goes bananas over my photos, and loves art.

Rose bowl continues to be ho-hum.

I may or may not watch the next ball game. I may or may not make fondue. I may or may not make another batch of Korabiethes. Probably not, since the pipe between the disposal and the drain is clogged, which makes the sink back up whern I run the dishwasher or try to wash anything in the right-hand side of the sink.

Plans for tomorrow:
1-on-one if the boss is in. 50-50 chance. I would not be very surprised to hear he is taking another job. I hope not, unless it involves being my manager at the new company.

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