January 7th, 2013


A Good Day for the Birds

The Ravens and Seahawks, both coached by a Harbaugh brother, win their first playoff games and move to the next level. This is good, because the Seahawks jerseys I ordered for my Seattle area sister and her husband, which took a month to get here, will get to them just in time for next week's game.

Woke up at 9:30. That's very late for me for a first "real" wake-up. I had a bladder wake-up at 6, but that doesn't count. Or rather, when that happens I'm usually up for real an hour later.

Kaan almost finished the canned food dosed with the antibiotic and gum numbing meds, both this morning and this evening. They make him go bananas. He gets bipolar, parking in an odd place on the carpet, then climbing to the top of the cat tree at lightning speed, then splaying out on the platform like he's fallen down drunk. If I go to pet him, he loves it, but if I move to pick him up, he is gone in a flash. He licks his lips, grooms the bottoms of his paws, and jumps up on the 4-foot-tall Infinity home theater speakers and walks across the TV stand behind the TV and back again. It takes about an hour for him to return to normal.

At least he's taking his meds now.

Took time off from football (it was being Tivoed) and went shopping in search of two things: sink racks and body wash. I wanted flat metal grids which fit the two 14"x16" sinks. The goal was a flat sink bottom instead of the curved one designed by someone on acid. Lowe's only had ones with raised dish holders. Home Despot didn't carry them at all, and suggested Target. Target had a $19 designer version which was way too heavy and too small, but they also had $6 ones which were only a little bit small, and had a drain hole in the middle, plus a light rubber mat to lay over that which covers the hole. I got those, they worked fine.

Body lotion is also a Target thing, and they were on a pricing WTF. They make three different generic flavors: sport, "family" and women's. Sport was on sale for 25% less than the other two. They are the same product, essentially, and normally sell for the same price. So I bought 4 of the Sport. Since it was only a couple of rows over, I also snagged 4 flavors of Fancy Feast micro-cans, just in case Kaan gets bored with his Wellness canned food again.

Got a letter from the IRS saying I owed $700 not $4500. I will pay that, but put in a note that they are still wrong, since they claim that my inheritance $$ is taxable, not understanding it was from a living trust, which became not-a-trust when my parents died; not from a trust fund for the children. It would cost me more than $700 to formally fight it.

Interesting coffee chat this afternoon with a friend who was asking about web cams/surveillance cams. I have four wireless web cams set up in the apartment so I can spy on the cats. She has no cats and is single, I am not at liberty to say why she wants to know.
Many of my friends here and on FB/Tweetland are all about Downton Abbey. I watched about 15 minutes of it, decided it would be more interesting if the best bits where not whispered, because I can't hear what they are saying. Besides, I'm not intrigued much by intrigue.

Plans for tomorrow:
Early team meeting
Work may get busy
BASFA may have enough attendees to be worth attending.
Howard Street

It looks like they took it off the air, Yay!

Bud light was running an incredibly stupid commercial which showed three or four fans sitting in the stadium, holding a bottle of Bud Light each, and just before some crucial play one of them says "labels Out" and all but one of them point their bottles' labels out toward the action. Peer pressure makes the final one comply. The tag line is "It isn't weird, if it works".

Why is this a stupid commercial. Answer behind the cut. Collapse )

Alabama proved tonight that Oregon should have been playing for the championship. Notre Dame's defense was like melted butter, and their offense didn't show up until the 2nd half, and then just barely because the Red Tide defense slacked off.

Work was productive in all the wrong ways.

Lunchtime was spent mailing Seahawks jerseys to my Seattle area sister and brother-in-law. Their last name is the same as one of the players. I ordered this from what I thought was an official Seahawks web site, in plenty of time for Solstice, but it just arrived this weekend. From Shanghai.

Tummy trouble all day, had to duck out of the morning meeting once. I blame the fondue, lots of oils and maybe too much lactose. Two immodium in the morning did not take effect till afternoon.

Kaan is probably going to the vet tomorrow. Even though he ate his wet food with the meds the last 4 doses, not tonight, and he had some tummy problems too. I'll call them when I get up in the morning.

After work I took the non-freeway route to Hooters, which was simple - out of the driveway, turn right, drive a mile, turn right and just follow Lafeyette until it becomes Washington and then N. Bascom and finally S. Bascom. On the map it looks very direct, in the car not so much. Or maybe it was just that it was a lot longer than I thought it would be.

Hooters had the championship game on all TV screens, but after Alabama's 3rd TD the people in my section had stopped watching and started being loud and were laughing uproariously, which was rather annoying when the TV was showing an injured player down. I had a great view of the game, a comfortable seat, and they have expanded the menu so there are more interesting things than wings. The clam chowder was a bit too lemony, the cole slaw too sweet to be edible, the fish & chips fish was excellent, especially with that British stuff on it. Their tartar sauce was too sweet. The key lime pie was too sweet, but I didn't find that out till later because at halftime I got to-go boxes and drove home on the freeways, which was much faster but less direct. It would have been a mess during rush hour, but halftime came after 7 pm, when the HOV lanes are open to everyone and the metering lights are off.

Watched the last half at home, somewhere making a mix of Kaan's wet food and meds, which he ate some of but left most in the bowl.

Halfsheimers. I saw the CD I was supposed to give to my friend yesterday was still on the table by the door.

Missed BASFA. Will miss it again next week as we have our first Brigadoon rehearsal.

I am loving the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, with one exception. Very poor battery life compared to the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. Not bad compared to most other phones, 25% charge left after 12 hours.

And now for something completely different:


Plans for tomorrow:
Probably take Kaan to the vet
Work, may or may not get some complex tests done in the lab