January 16th, 2013

How Elephant

I Am Asleep

Long day at work. Lunchtime I went to Costco to pick up the 3rd set of scanned slides. There were 508, not 500. I thought I had counted everything twice. Six of the extras were in box #9, so chalk it up to starting to go blind. Many many crappy photos, a lot of them due to having been developed in 100° temps in rural Thailand. I had to tape a lot of them back into their paper holders - the adhesive had dissolved. Still, there were some good ones. I'll put a few behind a cut.

I wanted to do some shopping, but the lines were too long. All I was really after was celery hearts. And maybe chocolates.

Back at work, I was trying to write a script to test a new I/O card, based one one which was already working for an old I/O card. But with more efficient code. I couldn't get past the first step. Turns out the card which was in the test machine I'd borrowed was faulty. While one of the other testers was trying to figure it out with me, we both got a lesson on something entirely different (new piece of monitoring equipment) from the seniorest tester.

Home, the only thing in the mailbox worth the 1-block walk through the bitter cold was Boskone's progress report, which has the schedule and my name's even in it as an artist. Had the slides not arrived today, this evening would have included making labels for the photos I'll be mailing them. Tomorrow, then.
Okay, you have waited long enough. Some ancient Thailand photos from batch #3:
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Plans for tomorrow:
Starbucks or McDonalds
Howard Street

Lunch Break

Forgot my insulin pen so went home for lunch. Quick note that last night I used Semagic to write my post (which is what I usually use) and it somehow nuked a section on gun control. It was inside a cut, and somehow a piece of text pasted from a web page was mistaken for a cut end.
I'll try again tonight.
Another reason I came home is I expected a package from eBay, but apparently it has not shipped yet. :-(

Must run. Work and my 1-on-1 awaits.
Slarty Animated


Two disparate things I want to talk about: guns and gays.

Guns first.
bridget_coila posted some excellent gun control petitions and ideas on her LJ and FB pages. I made a brief comment there to the effect that at this point petitions are useless, but I have some more to say which doesn't need to clutter up her site.

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Gays next. Collapse )