January 19th, 2013


Full Day

Got to work on time, somehow. Will make up for it tomorrow. Work was all about figuring out how to do loops with the automation script program. Frustrating stuff.

Lunchtime I went to the Mercado Starbucks, mostly to see if they were still there. The last time I went the place was being gutted. It is still there, they have addressed the problem that lining up to order was confusing with the problem that there is no longer room for more than 4 people to line up. The bar by the window has been shifted from north of the doors to south of the doors, and the in-the-way display shelves have been moved out of the way, and replaced with two 4-person tables with AC outlets. I snagged one of those.

Home after work just long enough to get the mail (one of those annoying ads for insurance which had a faux membership card), pet the cats, and head out to the Retro Dome for their final weekend. I wanted to go to the closing on Sunday, but we have a potluck/rehearsal for Brigadoon at 6, and I need the time to make something for the potluck. And tomorrow night is a crab feed I already have a way too expensive ticket for. I had to blow off a Bad Movie Night tonight too. :-(

The Dome was doing a "Quote-along" Raiders of the Lost Ark, but there aren't  lot of memorable quotes in it. They made it fun, though. Everyone got a plastic fedora to wear, and some goodies including a kazoo, a skull-shaped golden lollipop, blowdart-like candy sticks and a tiny plastic snake. During the show they handed out non-alcoholic shots and dates at appropriate times. They rolled a huge mylar ball down the aisle during that scene, and there was a surprise at the volcano-like scene. The only non-fun is the MC walked onstage during the credits and talked over the one kazoo-able theme music section.

Plans for tomorrow:
Process more slide scan photos
SBMT crab feed in Saratoga
Weird Dream

Weird Dream Channel

There was a rehearsal in a room at the back of the convention center. I always have trouble finding that room, but I saw someone from the cast and followed him in. I sat next to Connie, who loaned me her score. I had a couple of sheets of hand outs and a pencil too. I was in the chorus, so when they started bringing the leads up on stage to show us what bits they had already learned I decided to duck out to take  look at my cell phone. I was also all WTF because this was supposed to have been the first rehearsal, so how come people had already learned their scenes?

I handed Connie all the stuff I had been holding, and left. There was a science fiction convention going on. I found a quiet corner to check out my cell phone and saw the problem right away, it was programmed for Toronto. After poking around a little I found a program on it which could set u0p the phone for several different countries, but when I tried to change it from Toronto to San Jose, it showed me an ad for Vancouver, BC which was hard to get rid of. Somehow by mistake I set the phone for Israel. Frustrated, I started looking for the app to remove it, but it wasn't listed in the "manage apps" screen. It must be on a chip. I opened the bottom of the phone and saw there were four slots for standard size SD chips, and removed the three that were there. One was a multi-colored design, and it was the one I was looking for, one was black with white writing which said English for Japanese student, which explained a lot. I had bought the phone on eBay, unaware it had been jailbroken to use in Canada by someone from Japan.

I went back to the convention, where I had a table with a desktop PC and a docking station for the cell phone. I plugged in the cell phone and used the PC connection to remove a large number of malware from the phone. There were five or six other tables in the room with guys using their laptops and desktops. One by one they disappeared - con security said the tables had been stolen. I saw a white guy in a red t-shirt with an armload of tattoos and a black guy in a winter coat carry of the table next to me. A few minutes later the white guy tried to push the power button on my desktop, but I slapped him down and he went away. The black guy came around while I was doing something on the phone and tried to take my table, but I yelled for security. Someone from the convention looked in from a far door and said there was no security. I said she should call the police.

When I turned around my table and PC were gone, but the cell phone was in my hand, so at least I had that. I had completely forgotten about the rehearsal, and panicked when I remembered I needed to get back there.

I couldn't remember how to get there, and after rushing through the hallways, waving to fannish friends and apologizing on the run for having a rehearsal to get to, I found myself at the aquarium, which in the dream was at the farthest end of the convention center.

I turned around to go back and that's when I woke up.