February 21st, 2013


Getting Better, Sorta

Last night was pretty bad. So bad both cats spent most of the night on the bed. I took photos using the webcam app on the phone, but very bummed that they went to neverland. The folder the app says they went to doesn't exist. :-(

Chills made me put on a t-shirt, which got soaked after an hour. Put a towel on the pillow, which helped. Was up six or 7 times to pee, and drink more water.

The alarm woke me at 7, I connected the VPN and emailed the gang that I would be working/sleeping from home. Put on sweat pants and changed t-shirts and went back to bed. Did some actual work on automation scripts, and about 3:30 got permission to borrow someone's test machine to run a stress test which passed, and let me close a bug.

Lunch started with the thought of macaroni, but I'm out, and way low on past shells too. Found an ancient packet of Uncle Ben's Parmesan rice, cooked it up, and attempted to eat it. It tasted like petroleum product. Threw it away, had a banana in lactose-free whipped cream.

Brigadoon music director emailed us some piano parts for a particularly difficult section of mostly "ah". I put those on the web site and updated the index file.

Meanwhile, the producer sent email saying he had set up a Yahoo group for us, which would link to the Dropbox files. No thanks, Yahoo is a spam magnet.

Back to bed, read the ending to Octavia Butler's Kindred. What a crock. She went for the most violent possible ending, totally unjustified. The book begins with a teaser where the heroine has just had her arm amputated. In the final pages we are told why, and it is something she just pulled out of her ass. Or rather, out of dozens of "what if you teleported into a wall" sci-fi con panels. Without setting it up in a way to be remotely defensible. Her writing is okay, but I never had trouble putting the book down when I had to. Another FAIL about the ending is the heroine could easily have carried the proof she had of a family relationship, proof which would have made for a happy ending, but the thought never occurs to her. Exedrin, sleeping pills, a knife and shampoo yes. Family bible, no.

The book was not good enough for me to lose any sleep over, so I went to sleep. Woke up at 6:30, fever of 100.6. Took Tylenol and decided to take the second antibiotic of the day as well. Parked on the recliner with a damp washcloth on my forehead, Domino climbed onto my lap then onto the top of the recliner. Also took two Anacin.

At about 7, I got dressed and in 15 minutes was on my way to rehearsals, feeling about 80%. It was a music rehearsal, so no lengthy standing. Singing makes things better. And I figured if something went wrong, there were friends around to help.

It was an intense rehearsal, music I had not looked at yet, and had not highlighted my part either. Music director has a nasty habit of stopping abruptly when he hears something wrong, but he makes up for it later by letting us sing things through all the way. We had a new, young accompanist who was brilliant. She had obviously practiced a lot - the piano part is torture. The men were let loose early, so instead of going straight home I went to the 7-11 near the apartment to pick up something from the Amazon locker there. Neat idea, they deliver to the locker, no need to mess with apartment offices which close early. I punched in the code they gave me and it didn't work. It wanted 7 character, they only gave me 6.

Will try again tomorrow. Maybe there's a trick.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Click Away to find out why they haven't called me about the Samsung phone repair



Last night when I went to 7-11 to claim something from the Amazon.com locker, I could have sworn it wanted 7 characters for the code and I only had 6. Tried again this morning and 6 was all it wanted. Must have been sicker than I thought.

Not so bad but not so good

Slept a bit better last night, not as many wake-ups. Kaan woke me up at 8:30 to play fetch. Message on Kaiser's site from the late night doctor, the infection is E. coli. Yikes! But the antibiotic he gave me is good for that. He said if I am having abdominal discomfort and trouble peeing, to go to the ER. I'm not feeling that sick. I'll give it one more night.

Worked from home, there was a script to run which was very time-consuming, lots of reboots and delays built in. I would run it until there was a delay, then I'd either take a nap or sit in the recliner. Domino was on my lap a lot. When I was in bed, both cats were there too. Domino is finally coming to not fear Kaan, and is doing better coexisting. There is still a ways to go, though.

Called the ClickAway people to find out why I had not heard from them about the Samsung phone repair. They said they were just waiting for the part to arrive, no ETA. About 45 minutes later they called to say it was done. Coincidence? I went to pick it up, their estimate was right on. Camera image looks much better. Took the phone home, popped in the extended battery (which is what was in the Amazon locker), charged it, and fired it up. Something which amuses me is these devices will work fine without a SIM as long as they have a wi-fi connection. They just can't make phone calls (except 911). It took a couple of hours to slurp up updates to the apps which are on it. If I'm still vertical tomorrow I'll take it to Verizon to have them swap out service from the Motorola HD. The moto phone has been a PIA, its touch screen is more like a hit-it-with-a-hammer screen. And its camera sucks.

Anyhow, finished the script, made it a little prettier with some tricks I learned after I'd written the first rev. Also set up to help with a test the boss gave someone else to do in my absence. If I'm in the office tomorrow I can help.

Plans for tomorrow:
Play it by ear. If I have a rough night, I'm going to the ER. Otherwise, work.