February 23rd, 2013

Dr. Howeird

Better Drugs is better drugs

It was a better night last night, still feverish with mild chills but the main WTF symptoms were 90% gone. After I was done with work & dinner, I went to bed, around 7:30, slept till 11, when Kaan woke me up to play fetch. Seriously wanked sense of timing, kiddo. He only lasted three rounds and decided to switch to face-butting. It's  lot more affectionate than it sounds, and he turns his purr up about 12 dB.

Back to sleep, maybe three wake-ups, but the last one was a surprise. Both cats were on the bed most of that time. What woke me was hearing about rain making problems for traffic.  Huh? No rain here. Radio alarm is set to KOMO and they were seeing rain in Seattle. And it was 7:20. I had slept 20 minutes past the light going on and the alarm.

It took me a while to decide I was well enough for work, showered, took drugs, got dressed (pulled a shirt out of the laundry basket - maybe this weekend I'll hang up the rest of them), made a PNB&J sandwich to pack for breakfast and a banana and some other stuff.

Took a last trip to the loo, and the phone rang. My doctor is out this week, her backup was calling to follow up on my E. coli case, and said the antibiotic I was given was too weak and broad spectrum, so she sent a prescription for a better one to the pharmacy closest to work.

Got to work a little after 9, met with one of my team to show him what we were doing on the SNMP monitoring project, and sent him off to max out one of the test machines. 384 video streams, something like 60 programs with ads spliced into them at scheduled intervals, all of it mirrored.

Somewhere in there I drove to Kaiser, took 15 minutes to find a place to park (in the hospital garage, top floor). Their parking lot is horribly designed. And then 20 minutes in line. This is 11 am, not a peak time. But they only had 2 clerks on duty. There are 5 stations.

Back to work after an hour.

And when we were about to start a week-long test, boss says stop, we need to use that maxxed out machine for an entirely different test, which required me to get a jar file from one of the engineers which none of us in Test even knew existed but is in a customer's hands. And then write a batch file to fire it off every 5 minutes and save the results with a date-stamped file. That was the tough one because the date and time commands on the PC give the data in the usual human-readable format which contains illegal characters for file names.

Got that done just in time to go home.

A couple of stops along the way, first at Verizon to swap out the Moto HD piece of crap phone with the rejuvenated Samsung Galaxy S3. Turns out I could have done it myself - it just needed the SIM and SD cards pulled from one and put into the other. Last time the nice lady did the restore-from-Google thing too, but this time the guy was in a hurry. I don't know why, there were no other customers.

Then to Walgreen's, for a new lancet injector (the Rite Aide one didn't work, and the One Touch doesn't take BD lancets) and I took a clue from hsifyppah's recent post and bought some larger guage lancets too.

Home, Velveeta and shells for dinner. Watched some of the "news".  Reset to factory the two Moto phones.

My lunch cooler still had the sandwich in it. There were muffins for breakfast and I had cup-o-noodles in the break room for lunch, watching two ping pong doubles games. They have announced another tournament, and way too many engineers are fanatic players.

The one new pill I took this morning cleared up 90% of my remaining symptoms. The second one this evening is doing its job too.

Plans for tomorrow:
Elegant stuff like changing the litterboxes
Buying bread & frozen dinners
Sell two moto phones on eBay

Better, but still dragging

Had a nearly normal night, woke up around 8:30. Found a really nice go-to-sleep music station on the Internet radio, a classical stream from PDX. KQAC.

Still a trace of headache, and not as much energy as I'd like, but all the other foo is gone.

I had nothing on the calendar, and the only chore was the litterboxes. Took care of those, and am now out of spare cartridges. Music director sent more vocal parts, but I probably won't be putting them on the web page. I do need to finish highlighting my part in the score, but that will happen tomorrow.

Chatted with my youngest sister. She works for the Navy, and her hours have been cut 20%. She and her husband can survive that - when you build your own house there's no mortgage - but many, maybe most of her co-workers might not.

Went to my fave nails place and had a manicure. I usually go weekday nights, the staff today was very different. I was assigned to a chubby Vietnamese woman with lots of artistically done eye makeup and a very low-cut blouse which showed off impressive globes. She wasn't as good as the others, but she got the job done without making me scream or bleed.

From there to Safeway, on my list was bread, milk and dinners. I was very liberal with the latter, plucking several new store-brand "feeds 3-4" entrees.  Did not buy ice cream. Looked, didn't see anything I needed. I did buy two cans of whipped cream for Domino, which I did not need. Didn't buy bananas because what they had looked like it had been stomped.

Home, got onto eBay and listed my two Moto phones. I had no idea where the box for the older one was, so I listed it as phone-only.

Pushed the bed away from the wall about a foot, placed a tripod there, mounted the camcorder and set it up for Kaan fetching recording. Could not find the remote, which is crucial because the controls are at the back of the camera and I will be in front. Went looking for the remote, couldn't find it, but in the process found the box for the older Moto phone, so I re-listed that and raised the starting price. I should be able to buy a remote at Fry's.

Watched some of the NFL combine, including all of Manti Te'o's press conference. He was pranked, he is over it, he has moved on. They only asked him one football question, and his answer was Ray Lewis is a major role model for him, with a long list of reasons. The kid is articulate, composed, and after his NFL career I bet he goes into broadcasting.

DHL was supposed to attempt a second delivery of Thai CDs today, but they didn't. Idiots didn't try the office yesterday when I wasn't home. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Get time-sucked by Facebook
Highlight the rest of my vocal score
add those music files to the web site
Oscars party at a theater friend's