February 27th, 2013

Slarty Animated


It has been busy, what with work and rehearsals and buying stuff on Amazon and selling stuff on eBay, which leaves me with all kinds of brainworms needing to be written about. So...

Budweiser accused of watering their beer. How can anyone tell?

Sleep Train mattress company. WTF does a train have to do with sleeping?

Brigadoon - there's a death scene. Call it Brigamortis.

Everyone is blaming Seth McFarlane for the inane sexist theme of the Oscars. But he didn't write that stuff, he only presented it. Of course if he had any integrity he would have refused to present it. OTOH actors are often required to say things on stage they would not say IRL. And he sings beautifully. He would be great in The Book of Mormon.

I liked the Lincoln joke. Funniest method acting joke in ages. Much less offensive than Abe Lincoln: Vampire Slayer.

Half an hour

before my doctor's appointment. Follow-up on the e. coli thing from last week. 95% cured, still a wee bit to go.

Yesterday at work I tried to automate something, but it needed programming skills I don't have. Tried again some more this morning, no go.

All day I have a project which involves monitoring a program which pulls a set of log files off the test equipment, and see if that program impacts the performance of the machine. Nice touch, one of the log files shows disk, memory & CPU usage.

Co-worker discovered that the "timeout" command does not work on XP. I found a work-around on the web.

Rehearsals last night were pretty good, except for the 20-minute aerobics session at the start. There is not that much strenuous dancing in this show to justify this. Grrrr. I don't participate, because I can't. Also got half the rehearsal sitting out some choreography. It is going to make the music director plotz. The script calls for one man at a time to do a jig inside of crossed swords on the ground while the townspeople watch and sing. The choreography has everyone (except me) doing a variation of a Morris dance, circles with half the cast singing upstage half the time. The choreography looks great, but it totally destroys the purpose of the scene.

There has been quite a lot of that, which is what happens when a choreographer directs the show, and is more interested in having lots of dancing than in paying attention to the script. It will be a good show, though.

After rehearsals I went to 7-11 and picked up a delivery from Amazon locker. Bearcat radio scanner. Played with it after dinner (Swedish meatballs) till about 2 am. Need to look up the freqs for the fire station next door. I found two for what sounded like fire department or EMT.

Just one more thing I don't really have time for.

Time to wrap it up.


Missed Connections

It took 10 minutes to find parking at Kaiser Homestead. Just as I was about to go inside, my phone's calendar chirped, telling me my appointment was not there but in Mountain View. I knew that. But I forgot. Called the doctor's office, rescheduled for tomorrow morning.

Back to work by 3:30, the doors are locked, no receptionist. Strange, they are supposed to cover that station till 5. Note on door saying they closed at 3. At my desk, email said the same, was sent at 3.

1-on-1 with the boss at 4:30, was not sure if it was still on because my Outlook messages showed it had been declined by boss. Along with next Monday's team meeting. But it had me as the meeting organizer, which I'm not. Google calendar messing up again. 1-on-1 went on as planned.

Email from the apartment that there are 2 packages waiting for me. Had to be there by 6 to pick them up. My PC blue-screened while trying to install Microsoft mouse drivers, it took till 5:30 to do a system restore. I had to wait it out because I need to RDP to that machine in the morning from home. Working from home until the doctor appt.

Thanks to piggish drivers, missed the left turn light onto Central, that;s a 5-minute wait. :-( Thanks to vehicles wider than the left turn lane blocking the right turn lane, had to wait another 5 minutes for the light at Wolfe. :-(

Arrive at the apartment office at 5:50.  It is dark. Note on the door said they closed early and will be open at 9.

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