March 25th, 2013

American Flag

The Dawn of a New Era

That's what it feels like, all the recent announcements by conservatives that they have had a change of heart, and now see the rightness of legalizing gay marriage.

It took Obama way too long to see the light. He was not raised a Bible bigot, he chose to become one, and those born-for-the-first-timers can really plant their feet. But he has come around most of the way.
Many of the minds were changed by their children coming out to them. A few managed to on their own finally separate their church from their state. Whatever the catalyst, it feels to me like a big rock being rolled away from the cave entrance, and the hostages coming out. The dawn of a new era. Maybe the dawn of a new ERA as well?
TMI behind the cut
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Anyway, all of that to say I have always taken people at face value. The only time I care at all what a person's sexual orientation is is when it's a woman I'm interested in dating. But then, there have been far more women who were not interested in me who were not interested in women, either.

But I digress. This week has given me some hope. I hope the Supes continue that feeling.

Short & Sweetish

Team meeting at work would have been 15 minutes, but the guy who can't keep quiet stretched it to an hour.

The SNMP monitor project got done with some cutting and pasting, simple stuff, which showed that the theory my buddy had come up with was not borne out by the facts. My tool was able to show events every 10 seconds, which is accuracy he didn't have available before.

Lunchtime I went to Starbucks, kinda full on snacks I brought to work, so I had an iced tea and one of their new croissant hot dogs. Yummy. Sat outside with my Sharks hooded jacket all zipped up and hood up. Nice day except for the wind.

Back to work, finished the big automation project and sent it to Automation Guy right at the end of the day. It still has some timing issues, but they will be different on his PC/test machine.

Stopped in at Fry's, spent way too much time wandering the aisles looking for something to cover the power/reset switches on the top of my home PC. Kaan managed to turn it off again, despite the plastic sheet I'd taped across them. It was too close to them and too flexible, and he weighs a lot. When I'm at the computer he sometimes puts his paws up on there to snoop around the desk and head-butt me. I found a workable project case, the top is angled like a hood and the front looked from the outside like it was designed to be cut out for an LED display. Got it home and it took a pair of cutters and a lot of back and forth with piers to get that "panel" (which was more solid than it looked) out. And then I had to file it down some to get ride of the ragged edges. Which was difficult because I missed once with the cutters and pinched my index finger with the part on the non-cutting side. It should have swelled up in a blood blister, but cold water was apparently applied in time.

Used black gaffer's tape to keep it in place, and now I think I have a very sturdy guard, with lots of clearance for me to push the buttons, but not for Kaan.

Some online time, then to BASFA. Had not been there in ages, due to rehearsals. Tonight's rehearsal was for dance revue, and I don't dance. BASFA was fun, lots of running gags. Good to see figmo there, wheelchair and all.

Plans for tomorrow:
Rehearsals. Music for an hour, then run Act I.