April 13th, 2013

The Gov - Arms Wide


Thursday/Friday the cold let up enough to go to work and survive two Brigadoons. "non-drowsy" allergy med kicked my butt both days, made me very sleepy but kept my sinuses clear.

The show is not improving. It's not bad, but it's not one of my best. Blame it on a handful of director mistakes:
1. Not paying attention to the lyrics of the songs when choreographing
2. Not paying attention to the stage notes in the script
3. Making too many changes to the blocking without enough rehearsal time to nail them
3A. Vague blocking, which causes traffic jams and sometimes train wrecks
4. Having no idea how big the set pieces are compared to how small the stage is

It is sad indeed when the orchestra gets a bigger ovation both after intermission and at the end of the show than the cast does. Sad for the cast, excellent for the orchestra.

My mistake for procrastinating: Gifts I wanted to give the director and music director will arrive next Tuesday. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:

Brigadoon by 7:30