April 23rd, 2013


Must be Monday

Actually woke up when the alarm went off at 7, got to work in plenty of time for the 9 am staff meeting, only to discover it was at 10. We rotate every other week so our Belgium staff can conference in before they go home. The confusion is because we are now a different company, no longer owned by Google, and the new company uses Microsoft Exchange and MS Outlook while Google forced us to use their piece-o-crap gmail. I had set up my gmail to sync with Outlook, but you can't have both an IMAP account and an Exchange account on the same Outlook profile, and while I was able to move my email from one to the other, calendar items got left behind.

So I created new ones, but got the weeks wrong for which week was which time.

It was a pretty lively meeting after we got through the routine stuff, I had a lot of hints on how to migrate email and one of the other guys was all hyper about the 401k plan, but we're in kind of a limbo there, US employees are not financially fully Arris until May 1.  But this guy likes to beat a dead horse until all its limbs are in different counties.

There was a webinar on the 401k plan which I listened to this afternoon. It was during my usual lunch hour so I didn't get out for lunch. A shame because it was sunny and almost 90° out. Tomorrow I shall do better.

I have one each of the two models of machine we sell, and I loaned them to the person who manages licensing, knowing she had to mess them up pretty bad to do her testing. She got done quickly, and I spent the rest of the day putting them back into working order. That's something I had to do, she doesn't have root level access to my machines. One of them is refusing to cooperate, I may have to chat with the engineer for a clue or three. Tomorrow.

Home, turned on the aircon, watched some Steve Harvey, played with the cats. When I pick up Domino she immediately sinks in her claws and looks for a place to leap off.  Kaan just becomes a big passive lump in my arms, and he will stay lumped until I pour him out onto a familiar surface.

Was not sure about going to BASFA, was feeling lazy. But I went and was glad I did. I got 5 zingers in, and they were all big time groaners. Tall Kevin's wife made a rare appearance, it was very good to see her, along with kuma bear. They recently relocated to Nevada.

Home again, realized I needed to buy tickets for two local shows many friends are in, so went online and did that. Little Women and Miss Saigon. Decided not to see Funny Girl up in Saratoga. Many friends in the cast, but I have run out of Saturday nights. Saratoga is a pain in the butt to get to during rush hour, and I don't go to matinées when the weather is this good.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, finish recovering that one machine
Someplace with eye candy after work.

Almost Tan

The sunburn has subsided. My face is still red, but it will be tan by morning, or so.

Not much going on at work. Perused the Arris web site, they have a megaton of products, which all look very industrial.

Lunch was that Chinese chef someone Bad Food place, which has okay chicken salad and the worst egg rolls. The boneless BBQ beef was fine after I washed off the muck they call sauce.

Found stuff to do at work, discovered two of the ports on my main test machine are not connected to the lab network. Filed a ticket on that.

After work I went to Starbucks nearest the apartment, almost wrote this there but got distracted. Many many pretty women there, both at tables and just passing through.

Dinner was a concoction of frozen breaded fish fillets heated with lump crab on top, and then heated again with swiss cheese on top. Quite yummy. Watched an episode of Paul Harvey and also some pre-NFL-draft stuff. The draft is Thursday, I may work from home so I can watch it. OTOH, probably better to wait for the Tivo recording, since there is a ton of waiting between choices and Human Disinterest crap I will want to FF through. I don't really need to know that he was raised by his aunt as a single mom when his parents spontaneously combusted at a crack party, and after 3 years in juvie for shooting a teacher in the crotch for dating his girlfriend, he accepted Jesus as his personal savior and, except for that one carjacking and a 7-11 holdup, has been an upright scholar athlete ever since.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. 1-on-1 with the boss. We will probably talk about the human sundial