June 4th, 2013


Another Manic Monday

Went to bed way early (10-ish) and woke up at 7:30 and was at work by 8:30. Finished the script I was almost done with Friday, and then a circuit board for one of my old model machines, which has been keeping me from verifying a bug for about a month, arrived. Shifted the memory chips from the old to the new, popped it into the machine and it came right up.

Spent most of the rest of the work day messing with that.

Called Audio Design, told the installer the camera was not giving me all the views, he said to tap the top of the screen for one view. Tried that before heading for lunch, it didn't work. Something is wrong, the setup won't let me access the four views. I'll bring it in to them Saturday.

Lunch was supposed to be Thai food with Celine at Toyota, but she did what I was afraid she would do, she invited two other people, both salespeople, one semi-handsome but brainless guy and a fairly plain married woman. We did some palm reading. Turns out Celine knows more palmistry than I do by a lot. 

Instead of Thai food we walked to Pollo Loco, but the line was out the door so we went to Subway instead. Yuck.

Back at Toyota I gave the parts person the backup camera, she will see about some sort of refund, but I'm not too concerned.

After work there were some meds to pick up at UPS, and peanut butter to buy at Trader Joe's. I didn't think I would, but I like their natural style PNB, especially as a celery dip. And a snack right out of the jar.

Home, just enough time to change shirts and go to BASFA. not a heavily attended meeting, but the rude people were rude at first, finally settled down. Except for D, who was tipsy (probably from a memorial service she had gone to prior). She usually manages to be rude without adding alcohol.

I got in a couple of good puns, did not win the Dr. Who UK postage stamps in the auction. :-( Or the Gojira trailers DVD.

After the meeting johnnyeponymous posted on FB that a long-time acquaintance and someone I admired greatly, Hugh Daniel, died earlier in the day. Apparently natural causes (not surprising, Hugh was a mountain of a man, probably a heart attack waiting to happen).  I'm not sure how old he was, probably in his 50's or late 40's. I am pretty sure I first met him when I was working at Televideo, 1986, he was a little older than college age at the time. He was charming, personable, his thing at sci-fi conventions was to show kids how electronic things worked by taking them apart. Sometimes he had adult versions of his Dr. Destructo routine. It surprised me to learn later he was a computer/network security expert back when there weren't any. Anyhow, very sad he is gone, many many people will miss him. I don't think I have any photos of him doing the Destructo thing, but here he is regency dancing with targeter:

Plans for tomorrow:


Busy-ish day

Work was the usual. Lunchtime I drove out to McCarthy Ranch Walmart and bought 3 5-drawer units to replace what is in the closet and broken. Got them home, it is the same set of drawers as 2 in the closet and the same brand as the 3rd set in there.
After work got a haircut at Great Clips, then went across the street and picked up a second set of pet steps.

Home, hauled all that plastic (in 2 trips) into the apt, set up the steps on the opposite side of the long computer room window. Domino sniffed at it, cli,bed it, and walked across the sill to hiss at Kaan who was about to climb up the original steps. FAIL.

I may get around to the closet drawers. Probably not tonight, for no apparent reason. I need to take the cat carrier and a chair and a couple of bags of paper plates out, then pull all the drawers out, pull out the frames and then put the new ones in and fill the drawers. Pretty much a 1-for-1 swap. The weight of the stuff in the drawers over time warped the frames and the drawers and they don't pull out easily now.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, much has been posted about Hugh Daniel. His housemate says it was a heart attack while housemate was out  in the afternoon. I am reminded that the way I met him was at a Stuart II party, Edith was his date. She had a collection of fun, smart, geeky guys, and she added me by the end of the party. This makes the second of that group who are no longer with us, and both are a huge loss.

And on the opposite side of the fence, today is my oldest younger sister's birthday.

At her son's wedding, October 23 2011. Which happened to be my late Dad's birthday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (1-on-1)