June 12th, 2013


Bullet Point Day

  • Work:Worked on that second script. Took me 2 days. Boo
  • Lunchtime
    • Dropped of a package at the PO with the BASFA auction winnings, headed for my only American-born nephew
    • Took a picnic lunch to the former Agnews funny farm, later bought and restored to its former glory by Sun, which is now Oracle
  • More work: finished that second script, felt like I had been in a war
  • Safeway, groc
  • Home, put stuff away, mostly frozen foods. My freezer compartment is full, couldn't close the door till I removed one of the TV dinners I'd bought for diner.
  • Read the rest of 4 Weddings and an Elvis. I've thrown my hat into the ring to direct it. Now I'm not so sure. Very hard to cast.
  • 7-11 picked up the Squeezebox radio from amazon locker
  • Logitech web site said there was a way to upgrade my Squeezebox radios to UE. Also said it was reversible. I did. And I did.
  • Wrote this

All evening I have been "training" Kaan to stay out of the bedroom.  He almost gets it.

Plans for tomorrow:


Verbose, even when I try not to be

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Work. Got there at 10 because the Internet reached out and glued me to my computer chair for an hour. For the record, we are encouraged to get there by 10. Not that it matters. what I'm doing these days is a lot of "write code. Wait for it to run. Debug. Rinse, lather, repeat."

This morning I finished the paperwork to submit yesterday's script, and finished the next one by about 5 today, but will wait till tomorrow before doing the paperwork because they still haven't tested the one I did last week.

Lunchtime I was stood up by Automation Guy, went to Kaiser to p/u my insulin instead. Lunch at Stuft Pizza,  a small Stuft Special, very good. Best pizza I've had in a while.

By go-home time I was on YouTube between code runs, listening to more Kenny Chesney (he does a pretty good rock and roll when he wants to) but finally went for the "comfort food" of Rose Sirintip's A Tu Corazon (Thai & Spanish) and then really sinking into as-closed-to-depressed-as-I-ever-get รักเอย Rock Oei" (Love, Eh?)  which I seem to remember was the theme song for a particularly morose Thai soap opera.

It has a beautiful melody, even if you don't understand the words.
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After work, home, planning on changing the litterboxes which looked rank this morning, but this evening they looked good for another few days. Hmmm.

Vegged out on the recliner for a bit, Domino let me run the undercoat rake over her a few times. when she jumped off my lap, Kaan followed her and did his best nonchalant suitor routine, lying down on the carpet and stretching out until his forepaws were almost touching her as she scratched her face on the big semicircular scratcher thing. She whipped around and swatted at Kaan who went up on his haunches with his forepaws raised like "hands up!" and he backed away a little. This little drama has been playing all week, with Kaan getting more and more in her face and she being more physical in shooing him away. Used to be she just growled all the time. Maybe there's hope - she used to start making rude noises from 3 feet away. Now he has to actually touch her.