June 16th, 2013



Twitter is the only place I've had to nuke an account due to friendslist spamming. Changed my password on the latest account, if that doesn't fix it, I'm done with Twitter.
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Way too early

But that's how it shakes out today. I did a lot, considering how little I accomplished. Woke up at about 9, played fetch with Kaan. Took my Hgl readings and shot up, did some stuff online, like changing my Twitter password. Also killed the connections between Twitter and Facebook, because that seemed to exacerbate the friendslist spam issue.

Tried connecting the phone to the USB 3.0 cable which arrived yesterday, plugged into the PCIE USB 3.0 card which has been in the PC for ages but has never worked. I thought it was the cable, but it's the card. Windows says it has the latest drivers. Will have to replace that, but not till after my trip, because why bother?

Showered, dressed, took my meds, decided today was round tuit day. When I get things in boxes, eBay things, Amazon.com things, etc., unless they are HUGE boxes I get out my box cutter, slice through the tape, fold the box and slide it into a space between the livingroom garbage can and the coffee table. After a few months this gets to be an eyesore, which was today. So I loaded all the boxes onto a dolly and wheeled them out to the dumpster. It took two trips. And it also took me un-stupid-ing what some stupid person did in the dumpster. A couple of days ago, Wag.com sent me my order of 6 litterbox refills. In the past they had put them into a square box (the items are rectangular) just long enough to fit, with a pile of inflatable plastic pouch filler to fill in the empty side. This time they used a box twice as large, with enough filler to re-carpet my livingroom. Literally. I had noplace to store such a large piece of cardboard so I broke it down right away, flattened it, and put it in the dumpster (the apartment does not recycle cardboard. Boo. Hiss.) This morning, the box was back to its full HUGE shape again, blocking anything else from being thrown away. Flattened it again and it was all good. So, this took two trips, partly because at the bottom of the pile of boxes I had found a box of 1,000 super-sized drinking straws which had FAILED and were there to throw away; plus a box from Costco of my first pass of 2013 calendars, on which they had made a printing error (they re-printed the right way, but had no use for the misprints).

Now there is a bit more room in the livingroom next to the trash can. Whoopee.

Next on the list was Kaan-ifying the patio, now that it is swept and no longer crunchy to walk across. Domino can be out on the patio unattended, because she is too short to jump the wall. Kaan is tall enough. The solution: put a row of flower pots on the wall and fill them with flowers. Not pots exactly, but those long narrow planters. And the flowers should be ones which attract hummingbirds. Measured the wall width and depth, 139" x 6.5". the 139 could also be 125 if we subtract the sides.

So, off to the nearest nursery, paid way too much for 4 30" planters and 14 4" square-potted plants. 7 each of Salvia and Fuchsia. Also got a big bag of potting soil, more than I thought I would need in my lifetime. Took those home and set up on the wall, and saw I could use two more plants and a trowel.

Long drive to Saratoga looking for a nursery I liked 12 years ago which I thought was on Saratoga-Sunnyvale road. The further I drove the more certain I was that I was on the wrong road. Must have been Saratoga Avenue. But no problem, Yamagami's was up there, they are huge and mostly less expensive than the local place. But they did not have Fuchsias in 4" and their salvia looked scrawny, so I popped for two 6" Foxgloves and a trowel.
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Home again, set up the folding table on the patio, and spent about two hours transferring the plants into the planters and filling the spaces with potting soil. Used the whole huge bag, almost - not enough left to save - then watered them.
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While I was doing this, Domino had claimed the patio seat/pillow which she used to curl up on at the last two apartments, Kaan kept walking around, not sure what to make of this new space.

Done, folded the table back up, vacuumed the mess off the floor, got some Crystal Lite on ice and my Kindle and sat in the chair I used to use, and did some reading. Kaan made several attempts to sniff at Domino and got hissed at each time. Somewhere during my reading Domino went inside and perched on the top of the small cat tree and Kaan curled up where Domino had been. 

Back inside, made dinner, way early (6-ish). Finished the book over a portion of Marie Calendar's alleged country fried steak. Took a peek outside, Domino was back in her spot, no sign of Kaan. I looked all over for him, was scared he jumped the wall anyway, but nope. Inside, looked up and found him on the top platform of the tall cat tree. I had been thinking a couple of days ago it has been a month or more since either of them has used the cat trees. :-)

The book: All the Stars by Andrea K Höst. Aliens invade earth, spraying dust which gives some humans blue skin and super powers, and other humans green skin, making them drones of the aliens. People who escape the dust stay human. Set in Sydney, Australia, with Aussie spelling. Fairly consistent world building, no blatantly "pulled it out of my butt" moments. Probably meant to be YA, teen romances occur, teens are the main characters. I gave it 4 stars out of 5, but could see 3 stars as a reasonable rating as well.

Facebook is all photos of fathers, this Hallmark Day. I refrained for several reasons, mostly because Dad didn't believe in any Hallmark Day except the original one, Mother's Day.
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Plans for tomorrow:
Pack for Seattle (3-day trip, not much to pack)