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June 22nd, 2013

Happy birthday

To lightning-witted, lizard spit experimenter,  musical, mnemonically awesome caprine!


More OS = Morose?

A basfa regular posted publicly on his FB page  (we're not friended, so I can't comment there):

Really, if you have to choose sides between PCs & Macs, aren't you admitting you're too dumb to learn two OS's?
<heads to fallout shelter>

My answer is a resounding "no".

Through the years I have owned and/or used at work CP/M, Unix, multiple flavors of linux (starting with Mr. Torvald's first Internet uploads), every flavor of DOS (including Gary K's non-DOS) , every flavor of Windows except 8, almost every flavor of Apple OS, as well as special embedded OSes from HP, Sony and various startups.

Every one of them has its learning curve, most have some advantage or other over their rivals, all have some disadvantages compared to their rivals.

For personal use, I choose Windows. Photoshop, video editing software, the Microsoft Office suite and Roxio CD/DVD burner software I have run side by side on Macs and PCs, and I like the look & feel of the Windows versions better on all of them. I tried the open source office suite on linux and Windows, and ran screaming back to Microsoft Office on Windows. Linux's Gnome and KDE look like childrens' art compared to Windows.

There are some things I find easier to do in linux/unix command line than anywhere else. Searching for a particular word in all the files on a machine and replacing it with another word in all those files. Seeing folder by folder how much space is used on my hard drive. Monitoring network activity. Windows 7 comes close to supporting the latter two.

It's not a religion for me, it's simply what I prefer after having tried them all. 

I can think of one exception to that. A couple of years ago I put away my Sony music players, which have superior hardware and codecs, in favor of an iPod because Sony kept their codec proprietary  and did not build in any graphics support. My iPod is my car's music player, the Kenwood system I have in the car can display album covers. It can also show titles in multiple languages so I can read my Thai, Hebrew and Chinese song titles instead of a row of blocks.


Wasted Oldth

Mostly wasted this morning and early afternoon online. Made a turkey bologna omelet for breakfast. Been so long since I took out the oregano that I didn't remember if it was powdered or crushed.

Only spent a minute on the patio with the cats before realizing I needed to go to Costco to get something for tomorrow's potluck, and lactose-free milk, and bring it on home before heading for MV to meet Janice for coffee.

Got to the designated Starbucks 15 minutes early, no parking anywhere, probably some all day event at the amphitheater. Called Janice, we switched to a different location.

The usual kind of chat, then a stop at Safeway for limes, air fresheners and bathtub cleaner.

Dinner was baked beans with turkey franks sliced in and creamed spinach.

Watched the "news", looks like rain tomorrow, just in time for the Hugh celebration. Boo. I have the potluck goodies in a Fry's shopping bag, seemed appropriate, and the defective BP monitor, in case we do a Dr. Destructo. If not I will have it at Westercon, along with the worst in-dash entertainment/GPS unit ever built. And its remote.

Pulled the 3.0 USB card from the PC, since it was not working, and found two free 2.0 slots to plug in the extension cables.

And here we are.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sit out on the patio with the cats & read
3 pm or so, drive to Pacifica for the Hugh thing.
8 pm or so join the bumpertobumpertraffic back to the other side of the hill, and home

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