July 24th, 2013


More Foo

Had the Flock the previous post on account of work foo. After work I opened up the package I had been waiting for for about a month, a seat cover set, velour, leopard pattern. Billed as fitting all standard bucket seats. They were too narrow for the Corolla. :-(
Probably cost more to send back than they cost to buy.

It was not a happy day at work, but there's nothing I can say in public about that.

Morning was good. woke up at 7:30, completely immune now to the radio and lights coming on at 7:00.

Put a load of shirts in the washer, went online, when I was done so were the shirts. Put them in the dryer and put the whites in th washer. So exciting.

The two "real litter" automatic boxes fill up way too fast. Clumping litter takes up a lot of space after it has been anointed. But both cats prefer them to the crystal stuff.

I'm at the Starbucks closest to the Lucky store, because I need frozen dinners, ice cream and kitty litter. It's too warm to shop first, so I'm online first and will go home after shopping.

Plans for tomorrow: