August 12th, 2013


The Sun Won't Come Out To Morro

Sunday was a relaxathon, the cats were not amused when I finally kicked them off the patio so I could head for coffee with Janice. Starbucks has some new summer drinks, I tried a Valencia orange. A little sweet, and not as orangey as Tang, but okay.

Left there at 6, and exactly 3 hours later was checking into the motel in Morro Bay. I had not eaten since breakfast, and nothing was open in town but Dominos was still delivering. I got a large pizza, expecting to have half for dinner tonight.

However, at 2:30 am I was in he throes of a serious low blood sugar episode, did not want to get dressed to go out to the car to get my glucose tablets, so I finished two more pieces of pizza and put a couple of packets of sugar into the diet Coke.

Got up several times during the night, but managed to be asleep at 7 when the alarm went off.

Wifi in the Fireside Motel did not connect, so I'm doing this from a bakery/coffee shop across from the waterfront.

Anyhow, got showered and medicated and dressed, then headed for the waterfront expecting to get breakfast, but instead hung out on the  waterfront, and was awarded with the sight of two dolphins swimming across the harbor. Got a good photo of them, too.

It was very foggy, the rock was completely hidden. I did not have high hopes for the whale watching trip.

Got there at 8:45 as they asked, glad I made the reservation because there was a waiting list. People were late, though, and we were not out of the sock till 9:20. No whales in sight for about half an hour, and then only in the distance in the mist.

But that changed, we eventually were surrounded by a couple of pods, they seem to travel in threes. Humpback  whales. Also lots of seals doing their imitation of sharks & whales & dolphins. There were two breaches, one I caught on camera the other was behind the boat. Once a pair of whales came up about 5 feet from the boat, I got some good fluke photos. I'll have to Photoshop those, they need to be auto-contrasted to cut through the mist. Then they'll be on Flickr.

It was even more foggy by the end of the trip than it was at the beginning, so I canceled my standby for the 1 pm trip. Also, I was hungry and the Dramamine was wearing off.

I paid for 2 nights of motel because I didn't want to check out before getting back from the boat trip, but I'll be heading back north in an hour or so.