September 7th, 2013


Hot Town in the Old Time Tonight

77° in here at almost midnight. 71 outside. The computer equipment heats up the room some, but I blame my Indian neighbors on all sides & above who keep their thermostats at 80.

Last night I got some actual sleep. Yay. Morning Hgl 280 Boo.

Had a chat with my diabetes doctor yesterday who re-set my expectations on the new insulin. This morning's reading kinda debunked that.

Work was another day of boring, still trying to replicate an issue which I am willing to bet real cash dollars was caused by slow network routing at the customer site.

Pre-lunch Hgl was 108, so Yay.

Lunch at China Stix, I love their beef chow fun. One of the Hispanic buspersons was being given a chance at waiting tables, he asked if I wanted the beef well done. No sir, we're not talking beef tacos here. Dessert at B&R at the other end of the driveway. The whole shopping center is being outfitted with a new facade,
huge amounts of noise and dust. A ginormous pile of gravel where half of the Albertson's parking lot used to be, which is where the new French Store will go up.

Batcave Starbucks after work, much eye candy. While I was there, saw a flyer for free voice lessons by two of the local men's chorus people, a group class Tuesday nights for 6 weeks starting next week. I signed up online. They are from Barbershop, which means a capella, something I have not done much of so I may actually learn something.

Safeway for major shopping after that. Deals on Boston Market frozen dinners, Klondike bars, Breyers lactose-free ice cream and large-ish limes. And for once the bananas on sale were just the right shade of green to not go to mush before next Friday. Fig newtons were on a buy 5, save $5 deal, so I figured why not, those things last for months. They have become my moderately healthy snack of choice lately.

Home, it took three trips to unload the car because I'd also bought a 20-pack of diet coke. Cans this time.

On Facebook some of my friends said to turn on the Giants' game NOW so I did. Just in time to see Hunter Pence cost the pitcher a perfect game by missing a catchable line drive to the outfield. He may have been playing too far back, but he definitely started for the ball too late. Next batter struck out, so a shutout 1-hitter, which is nothing to sneeze at. Yosmerio Petit was the pitcher. Who? This was only his 3rd time pitching for SF.

I think I have decided not to buy the Acronis backup software. $75 for the single user version, but the UI sucks. Things I like about it:
- Faster than others I have tried
- Easy to set up the kind of incremental backup I prefer
- It can backup a RAID 5 array
Things I don't like about it:
- It doesn't show Windows-connected network drives as drive letters. After a LONG time searching it shows the names the drive manufacturer gave the drives.
- There is no progress bar
- Creating a backup schedule is non-intuitive
- Checking the backup schedules is non-intuitive
- Their sales engineer has phoned me 4 times. This cost them more than what the software sells for. When I told him the problem with the network drive letters, he had no answer and did not offer to have someone contact me about it.

Time to see if Seagate will send me the software which came with the drives (which I nuked because at the time I thought it was pretty cheap of them to only install a trial version on a $600 drive)

Also today, laundered the whites, folded and put them away. Kaan tried to help but he never got the hang of how to pull a sock through the gaps in the basket.

Plans for tomorrow:
Apartment office - they have a package for me. Probably the DNA test kit. I don't really expect anything to come of it, but would be very pleased if it matched me with any of my dad's ancestors. I would not be surprised to find that half or more of my mother's side of the family has submitted DNA. If I remember correctly, she had 26 aunts and uncles.

And not sure what I'll do after that. They expect it to be hot, sunny and smoggy. Maybe the Mountain View Art & Wine thing. Photo op. I can take light rail from the park & ride.
Weird Dream

Weird Dream Channel

I am in some foreign country, scheduled to take the train the next morning. At the same hotel are two older women (late 60s early 70s) who are also going to take that train. I don't know where the train goes, but I know it is a long ride and this is a crucial leg of my trip which I have been planning for ages. The three of us go down to the train station just to scope it out, and return to the hotel.

After we have gone back to our separate rooms, I start getting my stuff together and can't find my ticket. Panic. Call the ticket office and they are sold out for tomorrow's train so I buy one for the next day. Then I think maybe I don't need the actual ticket tomorrow. The next morning I wake up, look out my window and see the train at the station. After half a minute it pulls out. 

I open up my envelope with the travel paperwork. Sure enough there is a grid showing seating,  my name is on it, but there's a note below my name: "has been advised".  At the top of the page is a severe weather advisory. I guess I didn't need to have the ticket after all, but now it's too late. I'm going tomorrow, anyway. Looking at my passport because I can't remember when it expires. I kn ow my driver's license expires this year. Trying to find the page in the passport with the expiration date, but it is all a fading blur as I wake up.

All of which prompts me to pull out the fireproof box from the closet, and check. My passport is good through 2018. Whew.

He Had A Hat

Wanted to sleep till 9, but Domino woke me up at 6:30, a rare occurrence, so I checked my blood sugar and it was 108, a little lower than I want to be, though not in panic range. Had a scoop of ice cream and went back to sleep.

Around 9 or 9:30 KCEA fired up on the radio (my weekend alarm - it's the radio station of one of the local high schools, they mostly play 1940s music except when they are broadcasting the school's sports games). Collapse )

Had a lot of little things to take care of, including walking to the apartment office to pick up a package. There were two. One from my Baltimore sister (she warned me something was en route) and one from My sister sent me a cute t-shirt with pictures of a lot of musical instruments on it and the text "plays well with others". And an amusing drinks cup which is a replica of a telephoto lens. It's amusing, but since the bottom is the narrow end, it may tip over easily when filled. The "shade" is also the cover, but they didn't make it with screw ridges, so it's easy to knock off.  I'll probably just put the cup on my desk at work for show. Right now I have about a dozen coffee mugs there from places I have visited, mostly Starbucks mugs.

About noon I finally packed up the Nexus and the camera and drove to the park & ride, and took light rail to downtown Mountain View. A good move, the place was packed for the street fair. It was huge this year. All the way from the start of Castro Street to El Camino, booths side by side on both sides of the street. Not quite a mile. The whole Wells Fargo parking lot was a kiddie area, with all kinds of bouncy houses, slides, a climbing rock, bungee bouncing, and this amazing thing where the child is inserted into a large plastic globe which is inflated and sealed, and slid into a huge pool of water.

The kiddie area used to be on one of the side streets, all of which were closed for a block in both directions from Castro. But unlike other years there were no food trucks, and only two or three food vendors on each side street. Possibly on purpose because Castro Street is restaurant central for Silicon Valley. One thing I saw is far too many restaurants which were there 3 years ago are no longer there. The best Thai place is now Mexican. Double Rainbow ice cream has gone through a few changes and is now a European bakery and Greek grill. Lots of changes, but very few empty storefronts.

There was a lot of eye candy, but not as much skin as I expected from a sunny 93° day. My walk started well, a few feet ahead was a woman wearing a floor-length shift made of a clingy material, and when she walked it stretched and became translucent, showing off her thong and very attractive bottom. It was also awkward taking photos because there wasn't much room between the path between the booths and the sidewalk.

On one of the side streets I bought a turkey leg and lemonade, and found a seat in the shade where I could sort of watch the big screen Comcast set up showing the Oregon football game. The turkey leg was overdone, I only ate half, but the lemonade was good.

I have been looking for a hat with a soft wide brim and perforated crown (baseball caps don't work for photography) but the ones I have seen online were $90 or so. Found just what I was looking for, in my size, at the fair, for $20. WIN!

I kept hydrated and took my time walking the length of the fair and back, stopping at the Greek place for baklava when I felt Hgl going low. It was soggy, which is a major FAIL. At 4 I was at the light rail station, apparently I had just missed the train by 8 minutes, the next one was at 23 after. But the train was in the station and air conditioned so not a bad place to wait. 

Back to the park and ride, and then home to the air conditioned apartment. There were 6 college football games to surf, so I did that before, during and after dinner. After he finished his treats, Kaan jumped up on my lap and head butted me a bit, finally jumped up to the top of the recliner and pwned that. Somewhere before then I had grabbed Domino and trimmed her claws, she had been getting them caught on things. She didn't hardly resist, but jumped right off when I was done and hid in the computer room. She's still here, curled up in a corner, asleep. Snoring from time to time. Last time I looked, Kaan was at the top of the tall cat tree.

I did the DNA test and got it sealed and ready to mail. Also filled out my annual "how far do you drive to work one way/how many miles do you drive per year" survey. I have put 3k miles on the car since I bought it May 21. That's about on track for 12k per year, but much of that was two trips to Morro Bay, much more driving than usual. So I'm guessing 10k.

List my S3 phone on eBay, also the Toyota original radio and one of the in-dash units too.
Watch football
5 pm meet Janice for coffee to hear about her trip to Fiji and the sudden death while she was away of the father of two children she often babysits. I'd met him and his ex (mother of the kids) many times at Janice events, and at the park. He was way too young for a heart attack, I thought, but Janice says there were heart issues from his childhood. He was very Type A, which didn't help.