September 13th, 2013


Mind Like A Computer

In the mailbox today was an envelope from the DMV, with an invitation to obtain a replacement for my soon to expire driver's license. It was mailed the same day I renewed my license online.

Started the day at the doctor's. She says I have tennis elbow from repetitive mousing, which makes sense because the last couple of weeks there has been a ton of drag & drop work at the salt mines. She also started me on a new (to me) blood pressure med. And I got a flu shot. And a repeat appointment for next week to check my BP again.

Next stop, CVS for a tennis elbow strap and a cold compress with a velcro strap to keep it on my elbow. I also wanted to get some mixed nuts, but CVS has discontinued the family size no-peanuts mixed ones. 

Work, uploaded the picnic photos from a USB drive & put them on network storage, with a note to the boss and Automation guy on where to find them.
Lunch at Togo's where the best eye candy ever sat with her female work buddy at a table in my line of sight. Very pretty petite redhead.

1-on-1 with the boss. Apparently supportwoman had not told him (or documented) that she had reproduced the customer's symptoms on my machines the other day.

Home, watched some of the Jets/Patriots game and set it to record. Added an hour to Tivo's default 3 - always needed for football.

Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsal was sparsely attended. We played through an arrangement of tunes from Showboat by out in-band arranger, but it was difficult to play and missed some of my favorite tunes. I am Meh about it. Our last piece was El Caballero. Up till then my lip was fine (using a much smaller mouthpiece with the new old battered horn) but that really did me in.

Maestro John said one of our fans had put together a sample video from our June concert an it was on YouTube. Here it is. My butt is featured at the end of the video portion.
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I had forgotten to glue in my dentures, but it didn't make any difference, they hod real well. Two more rehearsals, then our concert and out band potluck. And that's it till next April/May.

I had ordered earbuds for the Nexus on Amazon Prime's 2-day locker shipment. They were way late shipping, and by the time they got to the locker I had discovered my Bose ones work just fine, only had to push them in more forcefully. So those will stay in the locker and get returned and refunded.

Sad news, Ray Dolby died.

Good news, my Congresscritter's canned response to the Syria song & dance show is:
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Plans for tomorrow:

Work Apnea

Took the new BP meds at about 9 am. By 10 I was falling asleep at my desk. At about 11:45 it was clear I was unsafe to drive, so instead of going to the park for a picnic lunch I went to the break room, parked myself in one of the very plush comfy sofa chairs and napped. This was partially interrupted by ping pong balls. There were two doubles games going, and every now and then a stray ball was hit near me, or chased into my corner. But I was too zonked for that to wake me up completely.

I think it was about 2:30 before I noticed I was awake.

There was no real work to do, so I went through the database and identified test cases which could be automated. If they ever give my machine back, I'll work on that.

The folks upstairs (same company but acquired from a different one) invited us to come up and take a look at HEVC streaming. HEVC is the Next Big Thing after HD video. It was interesting to see it in a prototype product. But they had not set it up in a way conducive to comparing it to HD, and they invited too many people for th small lab, so after a while, when 17 people started talking at once,  I bailed.

Tonight's shopping choice was Costco or somewhere else. Decided I needed some Starbucks, which meant no Costco because things melt. Batcave Starbucks

is next to Lucky's, which is not my favorite place to shop but all I have on my shopping list is non-lactose milk, celery, a few frozen dinners and limes. And maybe hot dog buns and sauerkraut. And I'm not sure about the frozen dinners because the freezer is half full of stuff which has been previously cooked and bagged and it's probably about time to consume as much of that as possible.

Plans for tomorrow:
Beauty supply and look for solid silver nail gel.
Party for boss' daughter. Leaving my camera at home because it got in the way of all that Thai food last time
Meet Janice & go to Dragon Theater to see And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little.