September 16th, 2013


60 seconds outside

Thanks to a late dinner and late taking of meds, I didn't wake up till 10 am. Kaan tried to wake me up by pawing the covers near the small of my back as I slept on my side.

I got up and showered and dressed, medicated and put on shoes to see if the dumpsters had by some quirk of fate been emptied this morning. They had no been. No relief from the litterbox clutter today, then.

Turned on the TV looking for football. Dissapointingly, there was none. At about 1 or 1:30 the Raiders game came on, I made hot dogs & past bow ties, steamed a couple of buns and mustardized and sauerkrauted them and had that all for lunch. Breyers' thin mints ice cream for dessert. The patio door was open, the cats took turns curling up out there in various places.

Yesterday, I forgot that I had collected the mail, which included my new Driver's License, which is somewhat re-designed from 10 years ago. Or maybe it was 5. This one expires in 2018. The font is smaller for the address, and there is no room designated on the back for a change of address.

After the Raider's I went out onto the patio and played a couple of rounds of an Android game on the Nexus, but it is obviously fixed, so I gave up and continued reading on the Kindle app. Alan Dean Foster's The Man Who Used the Universe. The deeper I get into the book, the slower a read it has become.

Clever me had the 49ers/Seahawks game set to record on Tivo, so after it had been going for an hour I started watching the recording from the beginning. Usually that's enough of a head start to to FF past the ads and the halftime crap, and I catch up near the end of the game. But this time there was a completely WTF rain delay. For an hour. In Seattle. The idiots who made the call were afraid of lightning, they said. Ridiculous. They almost never have lightning in Seattle, and if they did, the stadium would dissipate it with no harm to anyone.

So I had to reset the recording to go 3 hours longer than scheduled (because Tivo doesn't allow 2 hours), and watch 20/20 and the pre-show for Miss America until it was safe to watch the recording game.

About the game - I was very disappointed that the 49ers were so lame. The Seahawks were too for the first half, but then they found some holes in the SF defense which allowed Lynch to waltz into the end zone untouched twice. There was a very strange call on a Seahawks punt which the announcers completely got wrong. Apparently someone in the audience blew a whistle, and half of the Seattle team went into "the play is over" mode, which allowed SF to block the punt and get the ball with great field position. The announcers kept harping on this, as if Seattle deserved the ball back or something. Idiots: If someone in your stadium blows a whistle, that's a technical foul against the home team, which the visiting team can decline. Jesus on a goal post, people, think for a change.

No dinner as such, I had a bowl of popcorn, a Klondike bar, and just finished an egg cream.

Kaan has taken to climbing up my chest and parking on the top of the recliner. I love his pur, but his tail tickles. He has been very passive agressive today, sitting in front of Domino as she is laying on the sheepskin rug, which intimidates her into leaving for a corner of the livingroom. Sometimes Kaan just sits there, sometimes he kneads the sheepskin.

Sold the Samsung S3 phone on eBay for about the average price being paid for used ones, to someone in Texas. Boxed that up and printed a shipping label. It took 3 tries again, the Canon printer keeps forgetting that paper is 8.5x11 and that it's in the rear feeder.

Plans for tomorrow:
Post office, mail the phone
Maybe find a beauty supply place
BASFA - I have something to auction.