September 27th, 2013


I should have been asleep by now, but here I am

So it'll be short:
Work: nothin' new
Lunch: UPS then Denny's
Home, relaxed for 45 minutes, then YOTB rehearsals. Last one of the year. I was horrible. Applied the fixodent too late, my mouth was all dried out. Used the 4-valve horn, #1 kept sticking. 3-valve horn doesn't do that, so I'll use it in the concert.
Home, watched the recording of the 49ers game, 2nd half they looked almost like their old selves. Mostly on FF, so I missed a lot, especially turnovers.
Dinner was the ham sandwich and dolmathes I had planned on having for lunch if the UPS store had taken too long to get to and from.
HUng up the very wrinkly shirts from 2 days ago. Also put away the whites
Plans for tomorrow:
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