October 9th, 2013


Am I Blue?

After the latest Windows update the PC bluescreened. Had to go to safe mode/no network and do a system restore to last week. Seems to be working now. Turned off automatic updates.

Boring day at work, the only useful thing I did was write up a doc on all the new company classes I took, and email it to the team.

Lunchtime I took the non-freeway route from work to the mfg home, then back via Sizzler. Round trip was about 27 minutes. Might have been faster if I remembered that the new place is virtual north** of the current place.

Email from the rep claiming I sent CU statements for July and September, not August. I was sure I had sent all three, so captured them at work and emailed them to her.

Home pulled up the email, and sure enough I had missed the August one. Weird because it is in the folder on the desktop where I've been keeping all the paperwork.

Looked up the listing online, Redfin says it's pending sale. Yay! Sent the MLS# to Baltimore sister who works for a financial giant, and has access to that. She claims it's the one she chose for me. I didn't know she was looking at specific listings. But it's good she has come around. Her impression was "manufactured home" was a euphemism for "trailer" and "trash".  I looked at listings near Baltmore, hoping to show her she was wrong about that, but everything within 50 miles is $42k mobile dwellings, half a notch up from an RV, in that they are towed not driven.

Got the mail, no check from the broker yet. 50-50 chance it would be there today, 90% tomorrow. I'll want to walk it into the CU office when I get it. That's for the deposit and  closing costs. The mutual fund already sold and the funds are listed as available - that's for the downpayment. I won't need a check for that for a while yet.

Peninsulaires voice lesson #5 started as a clusterbleep, sort of. Whoever was supposed to conduct the warmups was not there on time, so we got a guy who had done it before, but wasn't very good at it, but after 5 minutes he had to go to rehearsals and pulled a chorus member off the risers who had no clue what to do. But there were enough officials around whose brains were pickable, so it was only half a fail.

Next up was the lesson, given by the same guy who has been doing it. Most of the time was spent reviewing the first 4 lessons, which gave him very little time to add anything new. As usual, he kept us standing way too long after each singing round. When he was done, another guy, who had been leading the singing of an actual song all these weeks (Grand Old Flag) got us up on the risers and put us all in the sections our voices matched, but unlike a real chorus, he had the bases on one end, the baritones on the other and tenors & leads in the middle. Most choruses like to go from high to low. He did a little bit better job this time of teaching the individual parts, but they are completely non-intuitive except for the lead part (which is the melody we all learned in grade school or in my case on late night TV from Jimmy Cagney). We sung it about six times, and it sounded horrible. Partly because it was in a key way too high.

I bailed at the break, not interested in seeing the highly annoying chorus sing two numbers.

From there to Safeway, I needed ice cream and frozen dinners. But first, this one had a CU ATM, so I deposited two checks.

Home, tried to fit the frozen stuff into the freezer compartment, but had to pull out the curried chicken (3 servings in separate freezer bags), and one frozen dinner, and had a second one for dinner. The Klondike bars had to be released from their boxes and stuck in any available nook and cranny.

Trivia: my uncle Dave was born in 1922. 91 years old.

Plans for tomorrow:
Don't Vote

Walk a mile in my shoes

and I get  rash on my feet. A while ago I bought a pair of New Balance shoes to replace the ones I'd been using for 18 months, but they changed the design and they bruised my toes. Once worn outside they can't be returned, so they were set aside and replaced with a similar style from Brooks. Those seemed to work fine, until a couple of months ago rashes which looked a lot like shingles dotted the side of my feet, with one in the center of my left sole. Two doctors independently said these were from wearing a shoe which did not have enough ventilation. It was summer, so I switched to my Teva sandals. But they are a size too large, had to buy the right size. And that's what I wore until 3 days ago. Back to the Brooks shoes. Rashes cropped up within 2 days. Today I wore the beat-up old NBs, and after much research, found these on Zappos:

 New Balance MC656

I had really wanted velcro instead of laces, but every shoe which has that from every company I looked at are like Brooks, no ventilation. So I traded velcro for laces and solid black or white for Kinetic Blue trim. We'll see how that goes.

Work was so boring I took another video class. This one was pretty good, #2 in the 6-class series on why & how cable companies need to migrate to Internet Protocol for streaming video. It included enough technical information on MPEG-2 transport to make it interesting for me.

But for the most part I watched TV monitored the streams on and multicast multiple program transport streams. The local stations are a day behind CNN.com on almost every news item except what might be called Page 1 news. And even some of that.

Lunch was with Automation Guy, we went to the Round Table pizza buffet.

1-on-1 with the boss, pretty boring, nothing much to talk about. I told him of my impending home purchase.

Home by way of UPS (Young Frankenstein The musical CD, sandstone coasters) and 7-11 Amazon locker (2 cases of kitty crack).
Also in the mail was my receipt/verification of enrollment in an evening uke class Fridays 11/15-12/20 with no class on 11/29. BYOU. And bring the insurance waiver. If I am impaled by a classmate's splintering instrument as she lightning-strums The Tiger Rag, I cannot sue the City of Sunnyvale.
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One news item I am getting tired of is the government shutdown/credit limit. By most readings of the 14th Amendment, Boehner refusing to put the issues to a vote is a violation of that Amendment, and Obama would be well within his powers to declare martial law and authorize the two bills himself. While he's at it, he could arrest Boehner and the teabaggers in the House for treason.

In other bad news, the check from my broker did not arrive as expected today. :-(
But balancing that out, when I checked my brokerage account, the mutual fund which is the rest of my downpayment settled, and is available whenever I need to cash it out.

Netflix DVD arrived. I'm doing the 1-disk plan.

Plans for tomorrow:
Library, return two DVDs