October 22nd, 2013

Hawaiin Shirt

New shoes, no ships, no ceiling wax

Already wished johnnyeponymous a happy birthday, though in different words, but for someone bigger (and louder) than life, once is never enough.
When I got under the covers last night, rolled over onto my left side, Kaan curled up against my back, then Domino climbed up on my right side and parked there for about 15 minutes.

A few days ago I started keeping a log of morning and evening Hgl readings and insulin dosages. Part of this was to remind me to eat dinner before 9 pm. I am still seeing no correlations. And had a low (73) at about 11:30 after our Monday morning team meeting, despite having a banana for breakfast. Fixed that with a glucose tablet and a Snickers bar.

Meeting included a good presentation by one of our non-programmer team members who has been on loan to the group upstairs, which showed how to use my favorite software to automate their user interface. I've seen their tool, it's not nearly as good, yet he says they won't convert. I hate software religions and their closed-minded fanatics.

Lunch at Carl's Jr. I don't go there often but they are the closest eatery to the office. Must remember to ask for no whipped cream on the shake. They make an excellent east coast style shake, but the whipped cream tastes like plastic.

Boss had added back into my 2013 goals something I had taken out because there was no easy way to go back and check how much of the goal I had accomplished. It was a project everyone is on, to document in our test case database where in the engineering specifications the test was written from. Sometimes it's not in the main spec, but in a design spec for a particular feature, or a marketing spec (those are outlines more than specs). I figured out a way to at least see my own test cases, but the database choked on my search. Boss fixed it, and I saw that just from two features alone I'd done half again as many as my goal. And found one more feature which was easy to add another dozen to.

Somewhere in there the admin for the loan arranger emailed asking for my latest pay stub. I know I had already emailed it to her boss, but since I had it on my work PC I sent it to her. Then the mfg rep emailed asking which loan company I was going with - pissed me off because she works next door to the loan arranger, that's who she should have asked. I phoned back and told her.

She said someone wanted to change the escrow closing date - my target is 11/30, which she reminded me is  Thanksgiving weekend. I said a week later would be fine. Two weeks even better. She said they wanted it earlier. I said no. I didn't really hear who she said wanted it earlier. I may call and ask. If it's the seller I may change my mind. I don't have to actually move on escrow week, but I also don't want to pay 2 rents for any longer than I have to.

Work. Also watched the next hour of the IPv6 presentation. Stupid Questions™ stretched 20 minutes of material into an hour. A couple of people in the class were asking questions just to show they already knew the answers. One guy kept repeating exactly what the teacher had said, but in the form of a question. The good news is that the 20 minutes was very useful information, if IPv6 ever goes viral.

Stopped off at 7-11 for two packages. One was a 2-month supply of low-sugar Quaker instant oatmeal variety packs, my favorite at-work breakfast. The other was the Uke beginner's book which the class will be using. Or at least I think it's the same one. We'll see. Class starts on my birthday.

Home, decided Costco would make me late for BASFA, and I had moon cake tins to auction. Plus it was johnnyeponymous's birthday and I wanted to see him auctioned off. I don't know why, but none of my jokes seemed to work tonight. Attendance was poor, but noisy, and several people bailed early, which made the final round of auctions a non-starter. I think I'll stay home for the rest of football season.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser, serum potassium blood test (because of my latest BP meds)
?? - expecting two packages at UPS
Weird Load

High Anxiety

The loan people are being assholes. It is making me crazy. Crazier. Highest blood sugar reading I have ever had. Highest blood pressure reading too, I think. I need to unscrew my brain and set it aside to cool.

Work was a little crazy too.

After work I flipped a virtual coin and chose Costco over UPS. Costco was full of insane people, more than usual. It's not a race, little man from the subcontinent. It is not a family gathering, Spanish-speaking aisle-blockers. And alleged adults of all stripes, your grocery cart was not built to be pushed around by your younger family members, the ones who have no fine motor skills.

It's not prejudice, it's postjudice.

Lunchtime was a trip to Kaiser lab for a serum potassium blood draw. I got the trainee. It was her first day without direct supervision. She did well. Two areas for improvement: more confidence, and when you see that vein bump standing right there at the crook of the elbow shouting "bleed me!", you don't have to trace the vein from the wrist on up. #2 is a reflection of #1. She will be gangbusters in time.

Starbucks across the street, tried their Orange Valencia drink, with a chocolate croissant. "Would you like the croissant heated up?" "Not unless you want to see me wearing it".  Some eye candy, in between reading from the Kindle app on the Nexus. The Long Earth. It hovers between YA and adult sci-fi.

Lamb shank and creamed corn for dinner.

Costco check-out featured an athletic young woman who re-packed everyone's conveyor belt items with a combination of Pythagorean genius and Olympic passion. I told her she is awesome. It surprised her.

In other news, the tennis elbow is 90% not hurting. Irony - there is an annoying abrasion where the strap meets the bottom of the elbow curve.

Plans for tomorrow: