October 23rd, 2013


Vaulted Sealings

So the latest news is I have been approved for mobile home park residency. And it seems I misunderstood, it was the owner who wanted to close escrow before Thanksgiving, so I said okay. I don't think I will actually move until December. Need to find movers. I frankly can't remember how the ones who moved me here were. The ones two moves ago broke stuff, left stuff behind and stole some DVDs.

And I sent the fax to have the downpayment funds wired from my broker to my CU. That will be combined with some funds in my CU savings and wired to the escrow people or whomever, when they ask for it. I am very nervous about spending half my non-taxable retirement assets.

Last night Kaan spent all but the last hour curled up next to my head. Domino spent some time parked by my feet, but not much. I had a low blood sugar episode at about 3 am, which totally blew my away because my pre-insulin reading was off the charts high and I had only upped my nighttime dosage by 4 units. And done without dessert. That would be 20 units of regular, not all that much for me. A Klondike bar got me normalized.

Today I got some work to do which will take a week. I hate it. I had hoped Sales Engineering had learned their lesson, but they have not, and I am stuck with testing something we shouldn't be sending to customers. Argh. On the bright side, I finally got my main machine back. Yay!

Which reminds me:
Yay rhymes with stay and is an indication of joy "Yippee!"
Yeah rhymes with pear and asserts agreement. "Yes!"

Just in case you may have been using "yeah" when you really meant "yay". The confusion: both can be used to cheer a happy occurance.

Lunchtime I picked up two packages at UPS. More of the Jockey shorts I had ordered a 3-pack of last week. Enough for 2 weeks. And the Original Broadway Cast of the musical Matilda because the girl who played Dorothy to my Cowardly Lion in Fremont, CA in 1986 is one of the leading players, Mrs. Wormwood. The two parts could not possibly be more different. The show starts with the doctor telling Mrs. Wormwood that she cannot possibly get on a plane this afternoon to compete in a ballroom dance competition, because she is in labor. She had no idea. Didn't know she was pregnant.

I have the original London cast recording, and was not impressed. This one is much better engineered, and from an audio standpoint is a joy to listen to. But the composer thinks he's Sondheim, and the only musicals music I like less than Sondheim is wanna-be Sondheim. So far I haven't found a tune, just a lot of clever patter. And a lot of time signature orgies. Like Carmina Burana, which seems to change time signatures every 5 bars. Only not as gracefully done.

The good news is Amazon refunded $8, which is the difference between the pre-order price and the release price.

On the way back to work is a Denny's. I tried to have lunch there but it was a bad decision. Awful waiter. What I ordered did not come with a salad, but he thought it did so he asked me what kind of dressing I wanted, and I told him. They have discontinued my favorite sides, so I got mac and cheese, and sweet corn.

It did not take overly long to get the food, but he slammed it down on the table, all at once, this huge salad in its own meal-sized bowl, the main course and corm and mac on a small plate, and a side plate with garlic bread which doesn't come with it and I didn't order. The corn was cold and not sweet. The mac was mac and Alfredo sauce. The main dish was fine. He didn't charge for the salad so he got a tip, but it was a close call.

Back at work, 1-on-1 with the boss, not much to talk about.

Home, caught up a bit on Tivo, two episodes of Elementary. The writing is getting better. So is the acting, all around. I can now tolerate the leading man. I will always have a problem with the WTF character names.

Plans for tomorrow:
Thursday night football
Maybe Starbucks