October 27th, 2013



Tried to sleep in but remembered I needed to do my insulin thing before 10. Left at 11:15 for the mfg rep appointment, didn't realize it was so close to home, got there at 11:18. Drove around the neighborhood some, parked around the corner and 2 blocks down, listening to Sarah Chang violin concertos.

Today was signing off on the disclosure paperwork. What was disclosed was mostly good:

- The house, its plumbing and electric and appliances are sound.
- It is not on a fault line but the ground will liquify somewhat during a major quake.
- It is in a 100-year flood zone, but chances of an actual flood are zero.
- There is minor termite and fungus damage which the current owner will pay to repair.
- One of the toilets needs to be re-seated with a new seal. I get to pay for that. I did that once, but I'd rather have a plumber do it.
- Escrow will close 11/21

There was a bill for the building inspection, $100 less than the estimated cost
There was a receipt for my payment of the termite inspection

Now that I know the close date, I called the moving company and left voicemail asking for a December 5 move. That's a week from Thanksgiving. It's also the King of Thailand's birthday. He will be 86. The last time I moved, we played voicemail tag a little, and the move went well, so I am not concerned.

Walked over to the apartment office with a pair of forms filled out, one was an application to terminate the lease early, the other was a standard intent to vacate. Unfortunately, the management is sticking to the terms of the lease, which means they won't accept a payoff to end the lease early. Most places I have lived will take either an extra month's rent or the difference between the lease rent amount and the month-to-month rent amount ($425 a month). But with the termination application comes the deal that if they rent out the place before Jan 24, I'll get a pro-rated refund. I had to wait about 10 minutes to talk to the manager, there was a lot of traffic - people signing leases. I suspect the apartment won't stay empty long. I set the vacate date for 12/8.

Time to buy some boxes. Books, CDs, DVDs, old family photos can be packed away right now, I can bear to not have them handy for a few weeks.
In tech news, Internet Explorer is my new default browser. Firefox has done something to font settings which make the characters break up and become unreadable. Same font settings in IE look fine. Chrome is also a little weak. And somehow it lost the add-on to warn me if I close more than one tab at a time.

Should have done something outdoors today, but didn't. Went out onto the patio to read, started nodding off so I took a nap. Had a low blood sugar reading at about 3 pm, made a couple of roti (I still had curry left over from last night). Watched some of the Stanford game, and switched to UW when it came on.  Stanford had a tough time against the Beavers, Washington trounced Cal after a slow start. Also saw AZ knock off CO. Makes me miss the Pac-8, when all the teams were an easy drive from the ocean. Except Wazoo, that is. But at least the state has ocean front property.

Kaan was on the top tier of the tall cat tree, trying to fight with a nail hole in the wall which looks from a distance like a little black bug. So I grabbed the laser pointer, hoping to give him a better target, but as soon as he heard me lift it (there's a key chain) he zoomed down from the tree and stood right in front of me, waiting for the red dot. He chased it all over the place, but he knows what it is. I'm guessing his previous owners played red dot with him a lot. Domino just stayed in her spot on the carpet under the TV table rack and stared.
pof.org "plenty of fish" is a free, amateurishly built dating web site.  Janice recommended it. Filled out the profile 3 days ago, uploaded photos, and this morning got email from them suggesting I fill in my profile and upload some pictures. It also made the ludicrous suggestion that I should respond to profiles which do not have photos, because those women are apt to reply more than those who do have photos posted. Nope. If a woman does not have a photo up she is either technically inept, thinks she is ugly, or she is trying to cheat on someone.

I spent 20 minutes re-doing the profile because half the drop-downs did not have choices which applied to me, and they don't allow leaving those blank. Hair color did not include white. Religion did not include atheist or "none". There was no choice for dating women whose children do not live with them. They lumped BBW with "a few extra pounds" for women I would date. Hugely fat women are not attractive to me, but I'm okay with a few extra pounds.  Very few.

When I clicked "save" it didn't. I did it over, this time saving every two or three lines.

Plans for tomorrow:
Minor chores. Take out the garbage, which includes, this time, the flattened boxes which are bungeed in the livingroom.
If it's a nice day, go to a park or something. If not, the Tech Museum.
U-haul for boxes

Boxing Day

Well, box acquisition day, actually.

But first, watched the 49ers playing at Wembley, which sounds like something a time lord would say. Timey-Wembley. They whupped a truly awful team. Lots of 49ers jerseys in the stands, but also lots from all the NFL teams. At least one cheesehead. While the game was on I opened the patio door for the cats. Domino went out there and curled up on her chair, Kaan played gatekeeper and parked himself just inside the opening, looking out. Domino had some trouble getting up onto the chair, so I moved some stuff back a ways on the shorter table between the chairs. She figured that out quickly.

Changed both of the litterboxes, put those on the dolly, added the stack of flattened cardboard boxes accumulated for a month, and added the kitchen garbage bag. Wheeled all that out to the dumpster and was greeted with a challenge - apparently half the tenants moved yesterday, because it was filled to about 2 feet above the top, mostly with things which were supposed to go to the dump. Lots of furniture. A set of child-size table & chairs - well used. I managed to get my stuff on the pile but it was a lot of exercise. Back inside it took about 10 minutes to recover.

Watched the first two scores of the Raiders game, and hit "record". Kicked Domino off the patio, closed the door, drove to U-haul and bought a bundle of small (books, cds, etc) boxes and a bundle of medium (LPs, 78s, old family matted and framed photos).

Home, watched the Tivo of the Raider's game. They tried real hard to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but were saved by the opposite team's kicker having a bad day.

The plan was to do some packing tonight, but I forgot about Sunday Night Football. And the load of laundry I did this morning which was in the dryer. And then there was this piece of logic:

I could watch the game while packing up the family photos and records which are on the rack of shelves near the recliner, but those are the bottom two shelves, and simple pre-rocket scientist physics says if I unloaded those first, the stuff on the top shelves would tip the rack over. The stuff on the top shelves is mostly not going to move with me - except for a set of framed Thai temple rubbings - it is all poster size photos which had been hung at various con art shows, but are now destined for the dumpster, as soon as the bin has room for them. Meanwhile there is no place to park them. So I am at a standstill until the garbage truck makes its rounds.

The small boxes are here in the computer room with me, and I can start boxing up my CD/DVD collection. Logistics for that are easy, since they are in alphabetical order top to bottom, and as each of the three racks is emptied, it can be turned 90° and the boxes can stack in their place. Pretty much the same story with the book cases, except I think a few of the items are oversized and need a medium or large box.

Left to do today is enter my insulin log into the PC, after adjusting it to the reality that my blood sugar reading is before dinner but my shooting up is after.

I have new upstairs neighbors, apparently. They play their music and video games loud enough for me to hear. And they run up and down the stairs very aggressively. Not bad enough to complain to them, just enough to know they are not the same old neighbors.

Plans for tomorrow:
Email the mfg rep - is there a floor plan available for the new place?
Monday Night Football