November 15th, 2013


Nailed It

Did not get much actual work done today, spent most of the time looking for bugs which had been fixed in the current release which were not also targeted for the next release.

Long long lunchtime, Automation guy drove us to Redwood City (about 20 minutes the way he drives, half an hour the way I drive) to his wife's hair & nail salon. It's a hole in the wall difficult to see from the street and even hard to find the parking lot behind it. But very neat & clean with a row of pedicure stations across from a row of manicure stations in back, haircut stations up at the front. His wife is gorgeous (I used a photo of her and their son on one of my calendars a few years ago) and also bright and friendly. But she had Tina do my nails (Tina is very pretty, way too young for me, speaks English pretty well). She did a very good job. Wife took me up front and trimmed my beard and cleaned up the rough edges of what little hair I have.

Then we went to lunch at a Thai place owned by one of her clients, a sweet woman named Tip. Tip was pleasantly surprise when I spoke Thai to her, told me she isn't married, doesn't have a boyfriend. Hmmm. We all had Thai iced tea, which was way too sweet, and I had the pot see hiew w/pork. Too salty, not spicy enough, the meat was not cut small enough, but the broccoli, which I usually hate, was good. Nice little place on Hwy 84, Woodside Rd., also a little tricky to find. Less than $10 each.

We dropped Wife back at her work, then went back to our work. One other project I helped on was explaining how I automated some test cases for a feature I owned, for the team member who is trying to figure out why some of the ones being automated in India don't look right. There's a ginormous language barrier, mostly because they don't really teach English in India. It's the same thing I saw in Thailand - English is taught with the pronunciation rules and inflections of the native language.

Straight home today because we don't have the NFL Network on a live feed in the lab, and there was a crucial game on. The Colts won it through shear Luck. Andrew Luck. And their almost unstoppable running back. Titans rolled over and died in the 3rd quarter, almost came back in the last 5 minutes but did all the wrong things and lost by a field goal.

Caught up on some Tivo, South Park would have been funnier for me if I had seen any of Game of Thrones, but it was still pretty good. I think it's a 2-parter but they didn't say as much. Shark Tank was a series of stuck-up losers asking for too much $$ for too little % on stupid products.

Dinner was a Healthy Choice chicken sawdust thing. You know how they make pressboard from sawdust? This was chickenboard made from pressed chicken dust. I did not poke vent holes in the plastic cover, and the apple in sugar sauce exploded into the mashed potatoes and Processed Chicken Food.

My pre-dinner Hgl was 325, thanks to having eaten a chocolate muffin just before coming home.

Domino parked on my recliner arm with her front paws on my lap for a while before dinner, after dinner Kaan curled up and went to sleep inside the crook of my right arm. I am still waiting to hear about when I can take Kaan to the shelter. Meanwhile Domino is slightly ill, she barfed up her chewy treat the last two evenings, and let some slightly loose and too-yellow poop next to her litter box. And she seems to have lost weight.

Today's packing accomplishment was filling and sealing the two picture poxes, one with all my temple rubbings, the lazy Susans, a couple of posters and some pairs of cutoffs. The other with a big framed photo of me dancing in Camelot in 1973 which youngest sister had framed for me my last birthday. It took some doing putting the styrofoam corners on that, and securing them with the little belt U-haul provides. The two sets of corners I didn't need made up some of the filler, along with a few cutoffs and a couple of beach towels.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work or work from home  - apartment "safety" inspection is supposed to happen sometime between 10-2.
Afternoon, work, gift the mini-break area with three coffee cakes
Ukulele class at 7:30
Maybe Friday after-theater pizza night in Saratoga around 11.
Somewhere in there turn 63. Actually, that happens around 2:30 am. About 2 hours from now.