November 18th, 2013

Weird Load

Talk about a baseball team being snubbed!


SEATTLE -- With the Seattle Seahawks off to the best start in franchise history, it appears even burglars are jumping on the bandwagon.

 According to the Seattle Police Department's report for the incident, someone forced open a window at Sodo Sports on Occidental overnight last Monday and ransacked the Seahawks jersey section.

 Officers arrived at the shop the next day to find a long open swathe of wall where approximately 184 jerseys had once been, according to the report.

 There were few clues as to who was responsible for the theft, and police continue to investigate.

 The Mariners jersey section at Sodo Sports was presumably left untouched.


That was a nail-biter

Panthers scored with less than a minute left, but barely held on to win. Mary was hailed, she did not answer. Worth missing BASFA for.

In other news, finally got the escrow statement, went to the CU at lunchtime and wired a lot of cash. It actually came in $600 less than the original estimate, but that may be because the original plan was to withhold 2 years' insurance (they only took one), 2 months' rent (they only took pro-rated from 11/25 till the end of the month) and 2 years' taxes (they took 11/25-7/1 pro-rated). $25 wire fee was built in. I go in tomorrow to sign the escrow & loan paperwork. I'm pretty sure I get the keys on the 25th.

I was dead tired at work all day, skipped lunch but had some snacks I'd brought. I'll be going to be without supper after writing this (I had 2 glasses of milk and a glass of egg nog, though).  Hgl was way high after the egg nog, but my BP was almost normal (129/69). Legs are cramping a little, probably need some K. I had a banana as one of the snacks, go figure.

Plans for tomorrow:
noon, head for SJ and escrow co.