November 23rd, 2013


Deposit, Returns

Last night my elbow hurt like mad, up at 4 am took Ibuprofen, watched TV - there was a huge wind storm up in Oakland, and unrelated to that BART's computers were on the fritz leaving about 1k people stuck on board, and the system shut down just in time for the morning commute. This the day after the BART board approved a contract after removing a family leave perk. Somehow I don't think those are unrelated. Iburofen worked after an hour. Kaan spent most of the night curled up by my head. Dominowas under her favorite rack, growling at him a lot. Annoying.

First thing this morning was waiting for the apartment office to be open. I knew what time, I just had to wait. Walked over there and ripped them a new one. Two, actually. One for missing two appointments and entering without permission, one for the inspector adding a painting fee to the move-out paperwork. My lease is clear that there is no fee if I am there <2 years.

Somehow that did not make me feel better. Adding to the list of reasons I am moving is after the apartment was sold to another megacomplex they replaced the entire very competent and friendly staff with phonies.

Work, did some research, found a tool on Microsoft Tech Net which I swear was created by the Clue Fairy, which showed me which program was blocking the one I was trying to use. That let me run a test to see if a notification was sent when a TV program sends a signal that it's time to insert a commercial. I didn't see one, but next week I need to talk to the advertising feature expert to make sure I am using the right video feed. Many of them have a placeholder for that signal, but never actually send data.

Lunch was an unplanned experiment. I was planning on going to a Thai place I haven't been to for a while, but I parked in the wrong lot and on my way there I was lured into a place I had never been before which used to be a French bakery/cafe, but is now a Korean cafe. The food was fast & good. But not good enough to go back on purpose. On my way there I stopped of at the CU to drop off a big bag of canned veggies for the 2nd Harvest barrel.

For the first time in weeks my weekly report didn't take a lot of time to write. I had spent 90% of my time on 2 line items.

Kaiser answered my question about who to call to see about returning my CPAP. But I never got around to calling because I was keeping the line open for Escrow to call, which they didn't. Boo, hiss. Oh yeah, I also need to send mfg rep an update, mostly to tell her what she got wrong.

When I was almost done with my report, the phone rang, it was a long-time family friend in Seattle who had lived in Israel some of the time my big sister had been there, and she's a nurse so she knows all about sudden death cancer. I had left a message on her machine yesterday. She knows a lot of Ben's friends in Seattle, so word will get around. It was good to hear her voice, and to hear her condolences.

Home, just gave myself time to degauss, then to Uke class. Today was chords. Today sucked. The nails on my left hand are too long, and because of the manicure they would need to be trimmed by a professional with a Dremel-like rotary tool. Using a nail clipper will shatter the acrylic. And my fingers are too wide. And not limber enough. C is easy, so is A-minor. G might work after I trim my nails. Those are the chords for Edelweiss which was the first thing I learned on guitar. And the last. Unfortunately the alleged beginner's book wants D, G7 and E which are not in the cards for me any time soon.

Domino just clawed her way onto my lap. Ow!

Stopped by the library and returned the three audio books I'd borrowed, and ripped to my iPod. Am enjoying The Scarlet Letter for three reasons. First of all, Hawthorne's writing is much more modern and articulate than my high school teachers led us to believe (which is why I never read it), secondly there is a lot of highly insulting to the bureaucracy anecdotage in the preface, and thirdly I had been under the impression that the story ended with Hester being awarded her "A", but that's actually where it starts. The rest is almost Dostoevskian in it's psychoanalysis and similar in style to Turn of the Screw.

Home, TV dinner, another piece of Black Forest cake (2 more slices left). Domino barfed up her entire portion of Fancy Feast, but as soon as I was done cleaning that up she was scarfing up what was left in Kaan's bowl. Idiot cat.

Something I left out of yesterday's doings is I dumped my three drawers of belts and suspenders out onto the bed, threw away the ones which were mangled, and after measuring each belt, took each one which is too small for me, rolled it up and rubber banded it, and tossed it in a bag for Goodwill. I also added a VCR to that pile, it was sitting in the corner of the office, I thought it had defective heads and had bought a replacement, but the replacement showed the same symptoms. A bit of troubleshooting showed it was my connection to the PC which was bad, I solved that with a USB video adapter.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pack up the office closet
Pack the breakable dishes (I only use the soup bowls and have paper ones for the interim).
Do a load of dishes
Maybe launder a load of shirts
Maybe see a movie. Ender's Game. There doesn't appear to be a 3D version.

Something's Missing When...

the most exciting thing I have done all day is take out the garbage.

Last night to fix the problem of being kept awake by the hurting elbow, I took two night time Ibuprofen. That fixed those two problems but since I rarely take any sleep aids or booze, it takes a few hours after I am awake before i'm awake. If you know what I mean.

It was fun watching Arizona beat the crap out of Oregon and Stanford do in Cal in the first half, but I don't have a dog in those hunts, so there was a patina of boredom for me. Kaan was making a nuisance of himself jumping up on the bar stools next to the kitchen counter and trying to park himself on the open case of Fancy Feast cans, which almost spilled them and did spill him. I took the stools and put them in front of the sofa, which I should have done a year ago, I guess.

When I sat on the sofa, Domino used my lap to step up to a bar stool (they are padded) and parked herself there until I got up

Rotating socks, so there were about 2 dozen to throw out, as well as bathroom and kitchen garbage. Hauled those big bags out the the dumpster which was full, but I threw them on top anyway to mess with the dumpster diver who should know better than to ply his trade during peak donation time.

Loaded up the car with some miscellaneous stuff for Goodwill. Watched more football, got more bored, looked in the office closet for potential donations and found 6 back packs, ranging from a kiddies's Mickey Mouse to a heavy wheeled one with about 47 pockets. The two packs I use at cons are already boxed to move, and I left two more, one is my favorite World Traveler suitcase pack which has just the right pockets for diabetes stuff, electronics accessories and clothes for a 2-week trip.It's a good size for carry-on.

So, first stop Goodwill with a bunch of oddball but useful things, then Target to exchange my empty SodaStream cartridge for a new one. The CS desk people knew exactly how to do that, it only took a minute, and the discount was worth it. On to Lucky's and poured 678 pennies into the coin machine and had it deposited in my Paypal account for a hefty 9.6% fee. There are free options, but I wanted to test this out

And now am in the former Batcave Starbucks, which has a steady stream of to-go customers, and all but one table is taken. People have not been staying for long.

All the packing I listed in plans for today has shifted to Thanksgiving Friday. I am a week ahead of myself.

Last night I sent a nastygram to the mfg rep & asst, in the form of an update, but including all the mistakes they had made. Today rep emailed that she was sorry it was a bumpy ride, but she will call Monday to let me know when/where to pick up the keys. I'll see it when I believe it.

First order of business will be to change the locks.

Did not see a movie. Don't plan on fighting Sat nite crowds/prices.

I think tonight dinner will be steamed pork buns with a side of eggs. UW plays at Beaver State at 7:30, it won't be pretty.

Last night I started a Novastor backup of my RAID to my 3TB NAS drive. This morning's check showed it expected to be done by 9 tonight. Incremental backups scheduled every Sunday starting a week from tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow
Sleep in
TACO 2-5
Janice coffee 5:30
Maybe a theater friend's birthday party after that.